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2018 Has Been An Amazing Year. Here's our year in review. We look forward to serving you in many more ways through 2019!

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This Year with TeamTom Education

On behalf of the team at TeamTom Education, LLC., I’d like to thank you so much for another wonderful year!

2018 provided many areas of growth and opportunity. It’s my continued wish that we can multiply our efforts in helping you make an impact with students.

Looking Back

Thanks to your continued support, we reached many milestones during 2018. Here are a few highlights.

Giving Back

Nothing compares to opportunity to give back. In 2018, TeamTom Testers and TeamTom Teachers gave over 2000 teachers free teaching resources. We held our first back-to-school giveaway and ran a charity project for the American Red Cross. All this resulted in a combined value of over $20,000!

Spiral Warm-Ups

We completed our first year with Spiral Warm-Ups and are continuing to invest resources into developing this amazing resource for reading teachers.

  • The Awesome Membership is still in the infant stages and is almost 1 year old.
  • Thanks to our Awesome Members, we’ve been able to expand the Spiral Warm-Ups curriculum.
    • 2017: Only 7 weeks of free word study.
    • 2018: Just under 60 weeks of reading warm-ups...and growing.

Teachers Pay Tea​​​​chers

Thank you for helping our store to be the highest rated store with solid 4.0 ratings. This year, the store has grown from less than 80 products to over 190 teaching resources including:

  • New expansions in elementary math, middle school reading, and Spanish!
  • Our author team has grown from just 2 to 5 amazing authors and educators!

School Leadership

It's a great opportunity for TeamTom Education to sponsor two school leadership blogs and a school leadership podcast this year. These new endeavors averaged a reach of over 6,100 school leaders per month.

Growth in Connections

We'd like to provide resources and strategies wherever you are. The past year brought growth in several outlets including our two primary channels: Facebook and Pinterest.

TeamTom Education on Facebook

TeamTom Education on Pinterest

TeamTom Education on Pinterest

Looking Forward

The future is bright. In 2019, we will seek to serve students, teachers, and school leaders in many more ways. Here are a few projects that will roll out in 2019.

  • Principal Tribe - a platform to connect and amplify the voices of school leaders.
  • Literacy Learning Sequences - a more differentiated and simple-to-use experience at Spiral WarmUps.
  • Fluency Builder - the already successful reading fluency program will double in size from 7 weeks to 14 weeks.
  • STAAR Domination - making rigor easy for our Texas teachers.
  • Increased Publishing - we will hire four new authors to expand our teaching and school leadership resources.

Thank you for being a part of our journey as we seek to serve you. Your work is an art - a daily masterpiece.

We can’t wait to paint the canvas of 2019 alongside you.

Together we make learning awesome.

Yours Truly,


Co-Founder, TeamTom Education, LLC.

About the Author

Matt is a learner, creator, and educator with k-12 teaching, administrative, and research experience. He tracks trends in education, travels the oceans, and fails at fishing.

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