STAAR 2.0 Math Resources

Task Cards, Warm-Ups, Scavenger Hunts, Games, and Review.

STAAR 2.0 math resources for grades 3-8. Readiness Standards.
STAAR Prep for all tested genres.

STAAR Success: Math Tools to Boost Student Performance

It's stressful enough to know how complex the STAAR test can be. With STAAR 2.0, that complexity has increased. But we've got you covered!

We have the full gamut of STAAR resources: task cards, warm-ups, weekly reviews, games, and more. Here's why thousands of Texas teachers have raved about TeamTom STAAR resources.

Warm-Ups for Concept Reinforcement

Use our STAAR Math Daily Warm-ups to begin each class with a short review that revisits key concepts. Our questions are design to address common mistakes students make.

Task Cards for Differentiated Practice

Our STAAR 2.0-aligned task cards have varying levels of difficulty. Some cards can address common mistakes directly, while others challenge students to apply concepts creatively.

STAAR Weekly Review for Targeted Practice

Dedicated specific review weeks to address common mistakes with priority TEKS. Focused on highly-tested topics where students struggle the most.

STAAR Math Resources Review TEKS
STAAR Math Resources Review TEKS

We know you'll love our STAAR 2.0 Teaching Resources and STAAR Review

But don't take out word for it. 

See what other Texas teachers are saying about them.

resources were user friendly

This resource has worked great for both distance learning and in class. Students were engaged in both settings and the resources were user friendly.

— Gloria S.

3rd Grade STAAR Daily WarmUps

5 Star Review on TPT

for Tutoring and Small Groups

I love using your resources for my tutoring and small groups! 

— Betsy G.

4th Grade STAAR Math Task Cards

5 Star Review on TPT

Small Groups and Scavenger Hunt

My students loved using this resource to help get ready for STAAR. I used in small groups and as a scavenger hunt. Overall, this was a great resource.

— Stefanie C.

6th Grade Integer Operations 

5 Star Review on TPT

Love the Warm-Ups!

Love love love the warm-ups! I don't do all three problems for one warm-up because my classes are short but I also assign some for homework.

— Melissa G.

8th Grade Warm-Ups Mega Bundle

5 Star Review on TPT
STAAR Master Resources for STAAR Test - TeamTom on TPT - Top-Rated Task Cards

Essential Resources for STAAR Mastery.

7 Common Mistakes Students Make on STAAR

  1. Misreading Questions: Students may misinterpret the wording of a problem, leading to incorrect answers. Encourage them to read questions carefully and underline key information.
  2. Skipping Steps: Rushing through problems without showing all the steps can result in errors. Remind students to write down their work and check each step.
  3. Calculation Errors: Simple arithmetic mistakes, such as adding or multiplying incorrectly, can impact overall scores. Emphasize the importance of double-checking calculations.
  4. Not Checking Units: For word problems, students sometimes forget to include units (e.g., inches, feet, dollars) in their answers. Remind them to pay attention to units provided in the question.
  5. Ignoring Diagrams: Diagrams and visual aids are there for a reason! Students should analyze them carefully and use the information provided.
  6. Guessing Randomly: When unsure, students might guess randomly. Encourage them to eliminate obviously wrong choices and make educated guesses.
  7. Not Reviewing: Time management is crucial. Remind students to review their answers if time allows. Sometimes errors can be caught during this final check.

Our resources are more than just content - they're confidence boosters that empower students to walk into the testing room with their heads held high.

Confidence is Key: Equip Your Students with Ready-to-Use Tools for STAAR Success.

Even as adults, we get nervous taking tests. We also make the same testing mistakes that students make. 

That's where high-quality STAAR 2.0 resources come in. 

They provide your students with more than just content knowledge. Our pre-made practice assessment resources mimic the actual test format, helping them familiarize themselves with question types and pacing. Engaging activities keep them motivated and reinforce key concepts. Dedicated, TEKS-focused practice sessions go beyond simply marking right or wrong, guiding students toward deeper understanding.

These resources are your secret weapon for turning test anxiety into test readiness, transforming students from passive test-takers into confident STAAR conquerors.

Watch Test Anxiety Fade: Empower Students with Ready-to-Use STAAR Resources

Remember that feeling of butterflies in your stomach before a big test? Even adults experience test anxiety! And guess what? Students do too. They worry about unfamiliar formats, tricky questions, and the pressure to perform.

That's where our ready-to-use STAAR resources step in as your classroom superheroes. Imagine this...

  • Test anxiety withers away as students encounter practice questions that mirror the actual STAAR exam. They'll become familiar with the format, question types, and pacing, feeling more confident and in control.
  • Nervousness melts into excitement with engaging activities that make learning fun and interactive. Gamified elements, puzzles, and real-world scenarios keep them motivated and eager to tackle STAAR challenges.
  • Confusion transforms into clarity thanks to detailed fun and engaging review that is expertly scaffolded with simple and complex STAAR-aligned questions. Students gain a deeper understanding of concepts, identifying areas for improvement and solidifying their knowledge.

Our resources are more than just content - they're confidence boosters that empower students to walk into the testing room with their heads held high. They'll be equipped with the knowledge, strategies, and practice they need to conquer their anxieties and achieve STAAR success.

Ready to watch test anxiety fade and student confidence soar?

Explore our library of ready-to-use STAAR resources today!