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Engaging. Rigorous.

STAAR math resources for grades 3-8. Readiness Standards.
STAAR Prep for all tested genres.

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Your students know STAAR is challenging. Why not help them with scaffolded and engaging resources? That's what we aim to create - STAAR math resources that students find fun to engage with and that teachers find easy to use!

STAAR Warm-Ups

Daily warm-ups for spiral review of readiness TEKS.

Task Cards

Engaging and Versatile. For practice, stations, warm-ups, STAAR math review.

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Top-star customer review on Teachers Pay Teachers for STAAR Math Resources.

TEKS and STAAR Alignment

Comprehension Skills Strand

Do All Your Question Stems Match STAAR?

STAAR Daily Warm-Ups

STAAR Task Cards

I Love It All!

I love everything TeamTom creates! I am a Texas teacher and am always looking for STAAR related activities. Thanks TeamTom.

Cindy G., April 6, 2019

Main Idea Task Card Bundles

Proven Practice. Aligned and Engaging.

STAAR Task Cards to help students practice using details to find the main idea across a variety of genres. These STAAR Reading Resources are for elementary and middle. They are in English and Spanish, and we offer differentiated resources to help student reach STAAR level comprehension.

All of these task cards are focused on main ideas and details and aligned with the newest TEKS.

Drawing Conclusions Bundles

Increased Challenge. Supportive & Attainable.

Getting the right STAAR reading resources can consume your time. Drawing conclusions bundles address all genres and provide 100s of drawing conclusion questions - STAAR-aligned, of course.

All of these task cards are focused abrasting conclusions from text evidence (all genres) and graphical features often found in nonfiction texts.

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Summarizing Mega Bundle

Summarizing is one of the hardest reading skills and most heavily weighted on the reading STAAR test. Help your students prepare with this growing mega-bundle with over 107 pages of resources!

STAAR Review Week

The week is done for you! Lessons. Activities. Daily Passages focused on a single genre aligned to released STAAR passages and stems. Everything you need. Done.

What Teachers Say >>

This Resource Is Full!!! This resource is full of all kinds of resources to use for summarizing. I will be using it for the upcoming year to actually teach summarizing not just for review.

Kelly G., July 17, 2017

Making Inferences

Task card bundles that include author's purpose, realistic fiction, expository, poetry, persuasive text. Inferencing skills include making predictions, conclusions, and character analysis.

What Teachers Say >>

Teacher Reviews for the Making Inferences Mega Bundle STAAR Prep

STAAR Daily Warm-Ups

Entire months of daily spiral review for STAAR. Grades 3-8. Focused on STAAR reading standards.

Able To Transfer The Skills

These [STAAR reading resources] are wonderful. I love that they are tailored to the STAAR and TEKS needs. I am using these to make sure that the kids are able to transfer the skills that we are learning to a test format. Great buy.

Maisha T., January 13, 2018

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