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The Growth Mindset Coach

By TeamTom Education | Teaching

Jul 19
Growth Mindset Coach - A HandGrowth Mindset Coach - A Handbook for Teachersbook for Teachers

The Growth Mindset Coach: A Teacher’s Month-by-Month Handbook for Empowering Students to Achieve

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The Growth Mindset Coach is a monthly handbook that is geared toward classrooms, and there are many good reasons that teachers and schools are grabbing this resource!

Here are the highlights:

  • A simple overview of the Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
  • Organized by monthly activities
  • A big idea each month
  • Hands-on lesson plans
  • Parent letters included
The Growth Mindset Coach - Handbook for Teachers

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Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

In our popular growth mindset article, you can find details about fixed mindsets and growth mindsets. The research is clear, there are major differences between students who succeed and students who struggle.  Among those is their mindset.

Students with a growth mindset view problems as challenges they can figure out. They view failure as just another setback that can learn from.

However, students with a fixed mindset experience problems, and struggle to overcome them. They view their abilities as stagnant traits they can’t control and therefore, fail to initiate their own learning.

The idea behind Growth Mindset Coach is that students can learn about their mindset and learn ways to change how they think about learning.

The Growth Mindset Coach, A Handbook for teachers with monthly themes, lesson, and hands-on activities for grades 3-6.

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Book Reviews from Educators

At the time of this post, The Growth Mindset Coach has almost 100 reviews on Amazon with 80+ positive reviews and less than 10 negatives. Here are few of the positive reviews, followed by the critical ones.

A Fantastic Manual

Annie Brock and Heather Hundley have penned a fantastic manual entitled The Growth Mindset Coach (a teacher’s month-to-month handbook for empowering students to achieve). The book is well-organized with a detailed introduction explaining the different mindsets and how to use the book to your best advantage. -Dennis De Rose


Students really enjoyed

This book is an amazing resource. I loved the lesson ideas and mantras. My students really enjoyed the lessons and I think it has helped them to really understand the growth and fixed mindset. -SoCal Teacher


Easy to implement

Excellent Growth Mindset resource. The lessons are well planned and easy to implement. They address the needs of all different learning styles and are fun to teach. I have been able to immediately implement so many of the ideas. -Pam Smith


And for the critical reviews, there are good insights on who this book is for:

Meant for elementary

Easy to use, but a bit dull for middle school students. Definitely meant for elementary age. -Rhoni Davidson

Monthly Themes in Growth Mindset Coach

We really like the layout of the monthly themes. The monthly ideas really give a focus for discussion and activities. So even if you’re short on time and can’t delve into the activities, you can focus quick-writes, exit tickets, or group discussion around the monthly theme.

There are 12 monthly themes, and here are a few examples of the monthly themes:

  • September: Everyone Can Learn!
  • October: My Brain is Like a Muscle
  • November: I am a Valued Member of a Community
  • December: We Love a Challenge

…and skip ahead to the end of the school year with these themes:

  • April: There’s a Difference Between Not Knowing, and Not Knowing Yet!
  • May: I Got This!
  • June: I Can’t Take Care of Others if I Don’t Take Care of Myself

Preview the Book for Yourself

We think this is a great resource for classrooms in grades 3-6, but you can take a look and decide for yourself on Amazon.

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  • Mark Garner says:

    I could not put this book down while I was reading it and found it to be very enjoyable to read. I finished it in less then a week and it caused me to want to read many more of the books that they recommend for further growth in the last chapter. I look forward to implementing many of the strategies recommended in this book in my classroom next year. I have gained tips for working with my own toddler as to how to help them begin to develop a growth mindset now.

  • Diana says:

    Really love the month to month guide. Activities and lessons are doable and despite another review that tjis was “too elementary” I am implementing it with 9th graders just fine. It’s a great book for growing your brain!

  • Swiss Fan says:

    I’m excited to use this with my students. I think it will really help some of them discover their abilities. I’m also super excited that it’s all based on scientific evidence. It’s a great book though, because you get just enough of the science to help you see why the techniques will be effective. It doesn’t dwell for days on the science, because good grief, Charlie Brown, you have enough to do. You just want to implement the science, not get another degree in it! We’re looking for a way to help students; not a way to get more college credits.

  • >