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Our friends over at have prepared this amazing guided reading documentation tool that we believe all reading teachers should check out!

Here’s a quick video that highlights the tool.

What are the benefits of the guided reading documentation tool?

  • Automatically generate progress monitoring charts.
  • Sort students by name, date, reading level, book read, skills needed.
  • Easily plan guided reading lessons.
  • Sort through your guided reading documentation with the click of a button.
  • Find each student’s “ready-to-learn” skills for future lessons.

Grab the free guided reading documentation tool and free resources by clicking the button.

What is Guided Reading?

Guided Reading is a teaching approach that is designed to help individual students learn how to process a variety of increasingly challenging texts with comprehension and fluency.

Guided reading is a differentiation method that is most effective when instruction is delivered in the smallest group possible to address the specific literacy needs of the students. The teacher selects and introduces texts to readers, supports them while reading the text, engages the readers in discussion, and performs mini-lessons before, during, and after the reading.

The teacher can also extend the meaning of the text through writing or another learning activity.

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Where Can I Find Free Guided Reading Resources?

We recommend this ultimate compilation of free guided reading resources.

Is Guided Reading Better Than Whole-Class Instruction?

Yes and no. Yes, guided reading, or any type of small group instruction, is better than whole-class instruction when it is used to differentiate reading levels and target skills that need support.

However, guided reading is not as efficient as whole-class instruction for many types of lessons. This is especially true if a class is homogenous in its learning needs.

Explore more guided reading resources:

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