Support the victims and receive these Hurricane Harvey Teaching Resources.

Hurricane Harvey Teaching Resources and Fundraising

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Hurricane Harvey overstayed its welcome and left a mess in its path. From Corpus Christi and Rockport to San Antonio back to Houston and Lake Conroe and now towards Beaumont and Louisiana – water is everywhere.In the face of this catastrophic disaster, there is something more powerful than wind, rain, and floods. The strength of […]

TPT Back to School Sale 2 in on!

Did you Miss? Here’s TPT Back to School Sale 2

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TPT Back to School Sale 2Did you miss our first back to school sale? Don’t worry. Because we are announcing TPT Back to School Sale 2!Everything is discounted – teaching resources for reading, math, social studies, science. Discover the best task cards, warm-ups, games, videos, and more.​So, while you’re gearing up for a new school […]

Fluency Warm-Ups for Word Study

Fluency Warm-Ups for Grades 3-6

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  Fluency Warm-Ups for Word Study Fluency Warm-Ups are rolling out! The unit Fluency 2, is in the free Word Study Warm-Ups course and is uploading as I type this sentence. In these fluency warm-ups, students will: Build word recognition skills. Increase automaticity with decoding skills. Discover vowel digraphs. Sort words. Meet the new Professor Pike!     […]

TPT Back to School Sale for TeachersPayTeachers Teaching Resources

TPT Back to School Sale, August 1-2!

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This TPT Back to School Sale is ah-ma-zzzzing! Yes, everything in the our TeachersPayTeachers store is 25% off.And some TPT products are up to 50% off! (see below)​Now is the time to stock up on reading task cards, math task cards, station work, PowerPoints for Google Classroom, videos for flipped classes, and other engaging resources.Who […]

Summarizing Unit with a video mini-lesson, days of task cards, and more!

Summarizing Video Lesson Bundle

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Summarizing Video Lesson Bundle Get ready to take your literacy instruction multi-modal! This new summarizing lesson bundle has video, cartoon, guided notes, student talk, writing, speaking, listening, and reading.  Mini-Lesson Video Mini-Lesson to guide students through the basics. Short Story Two short stories for summarizing guided practice. Cartoons To engage and scaffold language learners. Reading […]

4th Grade Math STAAR review task cards that work! And make teaching easy.

NEWS: 4th Grade STAAR Math Review

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  STAAR review is so much easier with the right resources. The right warm-ups, spiral practice, stations, and group work. That’s what these math task cards are! Your students will appreciate the simplicity and support in these new STAAR review resources. You will appreciate how engaged students are and how well-aligned the questions are to STAAR […]

NEWS: Resources for Martin Luther King Jr Day and Black History Month

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Teaching resources are in the works for Martin Luther King Jr Day! Videos, PowerPoints, Research Guides, and Reading Task Cards are a few resources that can help you teach about Martin Luther King’s incredible story!   Martin Luther King Jr Task Cards The task cards are built around drawing conclusions as a reading skill. It’s […]

Close Reading Christmas Around the World

NEWS: Close Reading Christmas Around the World

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Yes, close reading is perfect for upper elementary students and transitional readers.  It’s not that elementary students can do close reading – they need to do close reading.  Elementary students need close reading for many reasons: To develop text analysis skills. They need close reading to develop a deep and detailed understanding of text. They need […]

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

NEWS: End of October Sale

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October 27-28No monkeying around here…we are serious about giving you the best resources! Now we’re offering some of our best-selling bundles in an October sale. We are offering you our bundled products for 20% plus their already bundled discounts. This is up to 40% off great teaching resources for grades 3-6 in math, reading, and […]