Escape Rooms Overview Video (How to Get Started)

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Escape Rooms. This How-To Video is an overview of the Escape Rooms for your Classroom from TeamTom Education.

  • In this video you will find:
    0:20 Finding the Escape Rooms 
    0:45 Entering the Escape Rooms
    1:25 The Hands-Off Approach to Build Problem-Solving Skills
    2:10 The Student Answer Page and the Code Hacker
    2:30 Answering the Text-Based Questions
    3:05 Getting the Immediate Instructional Feedback
    3:45 Entering the Passwords in the Escape Room
    5:10 Embedded and Timely Feedback for Students
    5:50 TeamTom Teachers Account Link

Preview the Escape Rooms on TeachersPayTeachers

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Open Your Account (Escape Rooms & TeamTom Teachers)

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Explore the Escape Rooms, for free at:

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