Teaching Strategies that Work

Discover the best teaching practices for improving student learning, engaging students, assessing retention, and more.

Visible Learning Strategies

Visible learning is a highly effective instructional strategy that requires teachers to see learning through the eyes of their students.  So how does it work? What does that mean?

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Growth Mindset

It's sort of a buzz-word these days, but that doesn't negate its impact!

The research is solid.

The effects are real for students.

How do you integrate mindset strategies into your daily lessons and routines. It may just be the biggest strategy there is.

A growth mindset helps students:

  • develop grit and determination
  • find solutions to problems
  • set goals and focus on them
  • view effort and mistakes as necessary.

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Scaffolding Learners

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Growth Mindset

Focus on effort, goal-setting, and learning strategies to help students develop the resiliency mindset needed for lifelong learning. Read Growth Mindset...

How can Visible Learning Strategies Impact Teaching?Visible Learning?

If there are a set of strategies that have been shown to consistently help students learn more, would you use them? Have you heard of visible learning? Read What is Visible Learning...

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Why Teaching Strategies Matter

You only have 60 minutes, or 90 minutes per subject. You have a range of student abilities. You have too many standards to teach.

...Add on interruptions, social and emotional learning, and any mistakes that occur.

Strategy matters because it minimizes the impact of all of these factors.


Instructional Strategies. You know students learn best when they are truly engaged in what they are learning. The best instructional strategies give students the right opportunities to explore, analyze, discuss, examine, practice, and receive feedback on the concepts and skills they are ready to learn.


Teaching without Strategy. Every course comes with teaching materials. You are usually provided with a teacher's edition of a textbook or a website with resources. Teaching without strategies is the same as being a mail delivery...deliver the teaching materials to the students. You are more the Amazon Prime - you are a strategic teaching professional!