Guided Reading Quick Tips and Checklist

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Guided Reading Quick Tips, Checklist, and Video

In our previous articles, Guided Reading vs. Small-Group and in Tips for Guided Reading Success, we delve into some of the details that make guided reading successful for early and transitional readers.

In this quick post, you’ll find a quick checklist for guided reading in early elementary (k-3).

Guided Reading Lesson Checklist

  1. Reread familiar texts, timed, running records
  2. Sight word review
  3. Read new text
  4. Discuss text
  5. Strategy focus (i.e. summarizing, visualizing, context clues)
  6. Word work

This is a thorough checklist for when you plan a full-guided reading lesson. It may last 15-25 minutes. You might also choose to split it into two days.

Here’s a great video with more guided reading tips from our friend over at the Primary Pond.


We’d like to share one more resource with you for leveled texts! You can download our easy-to-read guided reading level chart here.


Guided Reading Quick Tips for Grades k-3
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Published/Updated on November 21, 2018  

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