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Task Cards

These teaching resources are the most essential ingredient in the toolkit. Versatile, easy-to-use, and engaging for students.

Reading Task Cards

Everything from simple skills such as identifying details to complex skills including drawing conclusions, making inferences, and context clues.

Math Task Cards

Based on grade level topics with focused practice that's engaging and non-itimidating. Aligned to standards, in-tune with students.

Test Prep

It's test prep that feels nothing like test prep! Use these task cards in small groups, paired practice, and whole class games.

STAAR Task Cards

For our Texas teachers, we have teacher-created, time-tested task cards. No other resource is better aligned with STAAR.

Preview Task Cards in the TeamTom Store

Free previews and instant downloads. Read reviews and see why we're proud of our top-rated task cards.

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TeamTom Teaching Products Sample Image 300 x 300
TeamTom Teaching Products Sample Image 300 x 300

Escape Rooms and Scavenger Hunts

Give your students immersive experiences - physical and digital! Schools cramped as it is. Long days under flourescant lights with one task after the other. Might as well make it fun. These resources combine content knowledge and disciplinary skills with critical thinking habits of mind.

Scavenger Hunts

The tasks are segmented and posted around the room or hall. Each student or group answers questions for your content area. When answered correctly, the hunt will be solved. So it's instant self-checking feedback.

Escape Rooms

These are the digital equivalent of physical escape rooms. Students log in to an escape room, solve content-area problems, and only escape when they get correct answers.

Aligned with Standards

More than just labeled with a standard, these teaching resources match the rigor and content as well as format of state and national standards.

Engaging Resources

Both the escape rooms and scavenger hunts are highly engaging teaching resources. In addition to standards-based skills, students practice real-life problem-solving and critical thinking.

Preview Escape Rooms and Scavenger Hunts

For math and reading classrooms in grades 3-8.

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Engaging, Fun, Challenging

No Prep, Simple-to-use, ready-to-teach.

Integrated Content, Aligned to Standards

Versatile resources for grades 3-8 math, reading, science, and social studies

High-Quality Teaching Resources

We're proud of the quality of our teaching resources. But don't take our word for it, here's what teachers are saying:

"Wonderful resource to add to my poetry unit! The students have found the task cards engaging."
Christine F. February 7, 2023

"This was a great way to quickly check student understanding after teaching inferencing!"
- Abby H. February 14, 2023

Math Resources

All of our math resources are deeply aligned to CCSS standards and for our Texas friends - the newest STAAR TEKS. You can provide your students with a variety of interactive and engaging activities such as:

  • Task Cards
  • Daily Warm-Ups
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Games
  • Digital and Paper-Based
  • Mini-Lessons with Video

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Literacy Resources

Literacy resources aren't just activities. They are specifically designed to quickly scaffold readers from simpler to more complex reading skills and comprehension strategies. Discover a variety of teaching/learning tasks:

  • Close Reading
  • Mini-Lessons with Video
  • Shared Reading & Word Study Resources
  • Task Cards, Warm-Ups, and Reviews
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Integrated cross-curricular content

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Teaching Resources That Get Results!

Discover a range of teaching resources that engage, challenge, and make learning easy: task cards, videos, mini-lessons, scavenger hunts, warm-ups, escape rooms, assessments, close reading, guided reading, guided math, test prep, and more!

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Perfect for my students who needed to review...

Perfect for my students who needed to review text features. I used these in a literacy station, and it worked great! I actually found another set and purchased it, too.

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