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August 21: Get Ready, 2nd Round!

By TeamTom Education | Products

Aug 18

Psst! Something’s coming August 21st! Let’s just say there’s another round for you to get this back to school season off to a bang! Be sure to visit our TeamTom TeacherPayTeachers store on Tuesday.

TeachersPayTeachers Bonus Sale, August 21 from TeamTom Education!


And look for all the new and best-selling teaching resources. Kids love to use them in class. Teachers love the results.

Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt

“This is just what I was looking for!”

  • Afreen Bhaidani, August 18, 2018

“I really enjoyed watching my students apply what they learned previously to this scavenger hunt. Great resource!”

  • Melissa R., August 17, 2018

“Thank you! The stories are interesting and keep the reader engaged.”

  • Minerva F., August 3, 2018

“These were absolutely amazing with STAAR prep. It made STAAR prep more engaging and fun. ”

  • Jessica S., August 2, 2018



STAAR Daily Warm-Ups

“I love using them for a quick homework activity!”

  • Jennifer S., August 13, 2018

“This was very useful this year! I used these a lot at small group.”

  • Living Life with Mrs. Ledbetter, August 12, 2018

“Wonderful resource for small group intervention!”

  • Andrea H., August 10, 2018

“These were great to use for the first few minutes to get kids focused.”

  • Blair D., August 7, 2018


Remember to save the date – August 21, 2018! It’s a bonus. It’s for you. Welcome back to school!

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