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STAAR Reading Task Cards

Making Inferences STAAR Task Cards

This STAAR mega bundle includes nine task card sets covering all STAAR stems.

  • 148 Task Cards
  • All Genres
  • STAAR-Aligned

I am such a fan of task cards and I absolutely loved this bundle. Inferring is a tough skill for students so I love that this bundle includes different contexts for them to practice inferring. Thank you!!

Anasofia R., Making Inferences Task Card Bundle

STAAR Task Cards Mega Bundle

Making Inferences Task Cards Bundle 1

Making Inferences Task Cards Bundle 2

Making Inferences Task Cards Bundle 3

Drawing Conclusions STAAR Task Cards

Whether you're teaching whole-class, reviewing for STAAR reading, meeting with a small group or setting up reading stations, this mega bundle has you covered for weeks...even months of reading practice all focused on drawing conclusions!

My students struggle with drawing conclusions and inferencing. These cards are fantastic! Thanks for a wonderful product.

Anna K., Drawing Conclusions Task Card Bundle

Drawing Conclusions Mega Bundle

Drawing Conclusions Task Cards Bundle 1

Drawing Conclusions Task Cards Bundle 2

Drawing Conclusions Task Cards Bundle 3

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STAAR Stems and Schema

You can teach skills, hold guided reading groups, and execute the best literacy stations all day. Yet, sometimes students still struggle with the STAAR reading test!

There are two variables that have a major impact on STAAR reading scores:

  1. Student access to rigorous questioning.
  2. Student background knowledge in a variety of texts.

Task Cards with STAAR Stems

All of our reading task cards have STAAR released question stems. In some cases the stems are scaffolded with easier open-ended questions. The scaffolded questions build on easier reading skills to bridge the gap up to STAAR rigor.

Schema for STAAR Passages

STAAR reading passages follow a concise set of plot lines, biographical profiles, and informational topics. We embed all of our STAAR task cards with these same topics and structures.

Using the same plot lines, biographical profiles, and informational topics directly builds student background knowledge. This has a massive impact on reading comprehension, as measured by STAAR reading.

It's no secret, background knowledge is crucial for reading success, and our results prove it! Your students will love you for it too!

Theme Task Card STAAR Stems

Main Idea Task Card STAAR Stems

Text Feature Task Card Stems

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Saved me sooo much time! Great for reinforcement

Melinda N., Reading STAAR Prep Summarizing

My students this year really struggle with summarizing and this has really helped them.

Rebecca P., Summarizing Task Cards #5

STAAR Resources with the New TEKS

The new ELAR TEKS are here, and we're ready for them. All of 2018 STAAR teaching resources are aligned to the new TEKS. Of course, our newest products are aligned as well.

Readiness TEKS

Of the seven new TEKS strands, we build our STAAR resources around the priority standards, the readiness TEKS. That doesn't mean there aren't supporting standards in our resources. They just don't comprise the majority of the tasks.

What are the priority strands?

  • Comprehension Skills
  • Literary Elements
  • Genres
  • Author's Purpose and Author's Craft

Comprehension Skills TEKS

Student Expectations A-D

Student Expectations E-I

Figure 19

Literary Elements

Genres Skills

Author's Purpose and Craft

Response Skills

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Texas Teachers, 

We Have You Covered for STAAR Task Cards...

  • Summarizing
  • Main Ideas
  • Text Features
  • Author's Purpose
  • Context Clues

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