Hurricane Harvey Teaching Resources and Fundraising

We are raising funds for the American Red Cross with these Hurricane Harvey Teaching Resources.

Hurricane Harvey overstayed its welcome and left a mess in its path. From Corpus Christi and Rockport to San Antonio back to Houston and Lake Conroe and now towards Beaumont and Louisiana - water is everywhere.

In the face of this catastrophic disaster, there is something more powerful than wind, rain, and floods. The strength of human heroism and unity is everywhere.

Our differences diminish in the face of disaster. There is no gender, race, politics, or religion, only humans. Valuable life.

You can help.

Support the American Red Cross and receive the Hurricane Harvey teaching resources listed below. Read on for details.

Home Office in Houston

Here at TeamTom Education, we have several authors and creatives in the United States and abroad. However, our home office is right here in the heart of Houston

For the last three days or so, we were trapped by floods. When the water around our streets receded, we were still trapped in our neighborhood.

While I write this post, I can travel around town, but grocery stores are not open yet, and communities around me are still being rescued by boats.

Between cleaning up wind and water damage, I've prepared teaching resources for you, the proceeds of which are donated daily to the American Red Cross.

Hurricane Harvey Fundraising

We know many students will benefit from studying the events of Hurricane Harvey. We also believe in the ability and experience of the American Red Cross.

We developed Hurricane Harvey teaching resources to generate funds for the American Red Cross. Starting yesterday (August 29, 2017), TeamTom Education is giving daily donations from sales proceeds to the American Red Cross.

As long as friends and neighbors are underwater, we are raising funds for the American Red Cross.

Free Teaching Resource for Hurricane Harvey

We want to raise awareness of the devastation and celebrate the heroism. That's why we gathered photographs and videos during the hurricane and in its aftermath to create this video and empathy activity (free downloadable PDF below the video).

First, we are offering a free teaching resource video [publishing this afternoon]. This limited time video presents the strength of mother nature and the resiliency of human unity.

Hurricane Harvey Video: Tragedy, Empathy, and Heroism (Grades 4-8)
Empathy Teaching Activity

This empathy teaching activity is simple to use after showing the teaching video. Students will build empathy and emotional intelligence skills in this reflective activity.

It is a one-page PDF, free to download.

Hurricane Harvey Teaching Resources

You and your students will benefit from our grades 3-7 Hurricane Harvey Activity Bundle and the Close Reading: Hurricane Harvey resources.

And proceeds are donated daily to the American Red Cross.

Hurricane Harvey Activity Bundle

Original photography and experiences are shared in a 2-day lesson bundle including:

slideshow, 2-Day lesson plan, a handout, a critical-thinking activity, and a problem-solving activity.

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    60+ Slides in PowerPoint and Google Slides
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    2-Day Lesson Plan‚Äč
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    Guided Notes Handout
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    Critical-thinking Activity
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    Problem-solving Activity
These activities will help students visualize the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey
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Students will discover the effects of the hurricane and the 800-year flood, and they will respond to higher-level critical thinking questions.

Close Reading for Hurricane Harvey

This informational close reading resource includes challenging, yet scaffolded, document-based questions and supporting graphics.

Close Reading Activities for Hurricane Harvey
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Students will gain an understanding of Hurricane Harvey as they read a Lexile 1050L text and practice critical thinking skills:

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    Analyze and use text evidence.
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    Analyze text organization and patterns.
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    Make connections and inferences.
Harvey Teaching Resources and Hope

We hope you and your students benefit from studying both the tragedy and heroism of this current event.

We also hope our donations can be another small ray of hope for a suffering family or child.

Let’s recommit to work towards our common goal: a nation where all of us our winners, all of us have shelter, food, and education. – Nelson Mandela

Support Harvey Survivors & Victims Today

Support Harvey Survivors & Victims Today

Donate directly to the American Red Cross or purchase a Hurricane Harvey teaching resources, and will add your purchase to our daily American Red Cross donations.