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I know you don’t have time. Every week someone calls an impromptu meeting, a phone call, a lesson needs reworking… You work killer hard at school from 7-4 pm and then your real work begins at home.

Lesson planning.

That’s right, the real work is lesson planning, and you know how to make it great. It takes time.

But please, don’t spend another episode of Netflix creating new materials and resources. Do yourself a favor and relax. That’s where TeamTom comes in.

You focus on students, and we focus on resources.

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Full units, lessons, powerpoints, videos, task cards, vocabulary, reading, math, social studies…Lesson planning, easy.

Take a look at our teaching resources, and you’ll see why over 70,000 teachers this summer have done the same

Resources for Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Science

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TeamTom Education is dedicated to creating engaging teaching resources and strategies that make learning awesome!

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