Summarizing Video Lesson Bundle

Summarizing Unit with a video mini-lesson, days of task cards, and more!

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Summarizing Video Lesson Bundle

Get ready to take your literacy instruction multi-modal! This new summarizing lesson bundle has video, cartoon, guided notes, student talk, writing, speaking, listening, and reading. 

This summarizing mini-lesson walks students straight through the basics!


Video Mini-Lesson to guide students through the basics.

Mini-Lesson with summarizing

Short Story

Two short stories for summarizing guided practice.

Summarizing Mini-Lesson


To engage and scaffold language learners.

Reading teachers, you are going to love this! We are developing a summarizing video lesson bundle. It includes:

  1. A short video cartoonThe Dark Forest
  2. A video mini-lesson on how to create a good summary (read more on How to Teach Summarizing)
  3. Guided notes to engage students during the video mini-lesson
  4. Two short storiesThe Dark Forest and The Fiery Cat
  5. Fluency building shared reading (read more on Why Shared Reading is the Best Instructional Activity)
  6. Guided summarizing practice with the short stories
  7. Three sets of our highest-rated summarizing task cards (read 5 Ways to Teach with Summarizing Task Cards)

It’s a powerhouse mini-unit for multi-modal learning! Students will engage in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The cartoon is cute, spooky, and funny – perfect for 2nd through 5th graders!

Why a Video Mini-Lesson?

The video mini-lesson has two perfect uses:

  1. Whole class mini-lesson where you can be free to support struggling students and monitor student engagement.
  2. Individualized re-teaching where absent students or struggling students can engage in re-learning in a center, on a computer, or at home!

The videos are perfect for scaffolding students who are learning the English language and for students with learning disabilities. Both videos – the cartoon and the mini-lesson – provide rich visual support!

Video Mini-Lesson and Cartoon?

Yep. Short simple, fun, and engaging. That’s how we do it at TeamTom Education. Simple and engaging. Take a look at the screenshots below.

The cartoon is set in a spooky forest with two main characters: a blue glob and a green glob.


The blue glob faces a simple problem: he’s afraid of the forest, but he cannot run away. Well, he doesn’t know how to run.


The plot progresses quickly when the green glob arrives and shows his friend how to run away!


How to teach summarizing with this video lesson bundle


After the cartoon, students will complete a brief story structure graphic organizer. This helps them visualize the main elements of the story: characters, setting, and plot. Then they view the summarizing mini-lesson.

The mini-lesson includes brief, direct instruction on how to make a good summary. It reviews the plot of The Dark Forest, and students are given question stems and opportunities for quick writes and turn and talk.

This mini-lesson bundle includes video mini-lessons, task cards, cartoons, and more!
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Fluency is integrated into a shared reading that scrolls the text. Words are uncovered as the video reads with the student. This is really cool because it keeps students pacing at an appropriate reading rate.

Comprehension is integrated with scaffolded questions to help students process the plot and main events. Students take notes on guided handouts during the video to build reflection and active processing.


Summarizing Task Cards

Which summarizing task cards are in the bundle? The summarizing video lesson bundle will include all of our summarizing task cards! It is a growing bundle.

It will start with sets 1-3 and grow to include sets 4-6 when they are complete. Price will increase when task card sets 4-6 are included. The task cards focus on plot analysis like the picture below.


Summarizing Plot Task Cards


These are perfectly aligned to the video mini-lesson, which focuses on the key points of plot analysis – problem and solution. Also, there are graphic organizers to challenge students’ critical thinking skills and to scaffold struggling students.


Summarizing Task Cards with Graphic Organizers


The summarizing task cards are one of our most popular teaching resources, so we’re happy to bundle them in this video lesson set! You can view the summarizing task card bundle at TeachersPayTeachers.


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