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September 11th Bundles

Teachers give it all each and every day. We want to give to you. This is why we put together #teachingbundles and lesson bundles. They are free or reduced prices! The idea is to pack a handful of resources such as videos, foldables, task cards, PowerPoints, and other instructional resources in one package. Then we offer it at a reduced price…or for FREE! Here are two of our latest.

The Todd Beamer Lesson Bundle teaches the power of goodness and heroism in contemporary American history…and does it in a kid-friendly way. The #TeachingBundle is a product line that is available in our TeachersPayTeachers store. You can quickly find it by search “#TeachingBundle” or by clicking the link below the video.

Todd Beamer and September 11th

More than just the state standards on this important historical event, we honor Todd the American hero along with his fellow heroes on Septemeber 11th. This two-day lesson bundle honors the bravery and sacrifice of heroes and first responders such as Todd Beamer. It includes a PowerPoint, a video, context clues task cards, and main idea task cards.

The idea is to teach reading skills with social studies content! The Powerpoint has visuals of September 11 and practice reading skills.

You can view this bundle in our store here.


This set is new series designed to pack mini-lesson resources for reading skills. Then we offer them for free! After the first 100 downloads, they go on sale for a deeply reduced price!

The #TeachingBundle will be a series of products that include printables, task cards, PowerPoints, and videos. The idea is to integrate content-area concepts into reading. For example, when teaching about the Civil War, why not read a biography about Clara Barton and integrate Social Studies and Reading?

With the #TeachingBundle, you can show a video about her heroism. Students can learn to take basic notes. Then you can have them practice sequencing or summarize with the task cards in the bundle. Of course, the task cards will be a text about Clara Barton. That’s teaching reading skills with content knowledge.

We plan on having #TeachingBundles for Hispanic Heritage Month, the Civil War, Women Leaders, and other great Social Studies topics.

The current #TeachingBundle is for drawing conclusions. It has three PowerPoints, a foldable lesson, and a video lesson. It is a whole week of mini-lessons. It’s great for guided reading or whole class direct instruction. What’s more, it’s free right now. It can be downloaded by following this link: #TeachingBundle Drawing Conclusions.

September 11 Lesson
September 11 and Todd Beamer Lesson
Freebie Drawing Conclusions
Drawing Conclusions Activities Freebie

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