TeamTom Education is about learning. We do education. We do learning. We do exploration.

Impacting K-12 Education


In 2016, Matt, our founder was prompted by his colleagues to try selling some of his teaching materials. Having been an educator since 2004 in all grades preK-12, he had a range of resources.


By 2017, the teaching resources became a hit in Texas and slowly throughout the United States and Australia.


In 2018, Matt (See Matt’s Blog Here) quit his public education job to focus full-time on building TeamTom Education. Nancy joined Matt as a managing member of the company and things started growing.

Growing Beyond K-12 Learning

By 2019, the team grew with the addition of two talented curriculum designers. TeamTom Education founded several learning networks for educators including the successful 822Chat on Twitter and Principal Tribe for school administrators.

With the school shutdowns in 2020 due to COVID, TeamTom Education found itself in a unique position.

Many of our teaching resources were digital and online. Now other educational companies were coming to us asking for help during that trying period.

TeamTom Education started Principals Seminar, an online learning platform for school principals. And Mafost Marketing began.

Learning is about people and the cultures they create. We seek to make an impact on both of these dynamics.

Beyond K-12 Educational Services

Soon TeamTom Education was not only about k-12 learning, but we became a true learning organization.

That is, we take learning seriously.

We help people and organizations discover new perspectives by helping:

  • Small business owners learn the ropes of growing a business.
  • Professionals create online learning platforms in their own industries.
  • Marketers understand and reach new audiences.
  • Retired adults discover new horizons in travel.
  • Students in over 24 countries reach their potential.
  • People see new perspectives through video explorations of culture.

If it’s learning – we do it. In schools, in business, in culture, and in travel.

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