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October 27-28

No monkeying around here…we are serious about giving you the best resources! Now we’re offering some of our best-selling bundles in an October sale.

We are offering you our bundled products for 20% plus their already bundled discounts. This is up to 40% off great teaching resources for grades 3-6 in math, reading, and social studies.

Math Bundles

For math teachers, you’ll find over a hundred task cards on numbers, place value, operations, decimals, and fractions.

Fractions in picture form, on number lines, in word problems, and in number form. Comparing, ordering, and computing fractions.

These cards are great for test prep, stations, small group, and reteaching!

Load them into Google classroom or Nearpod for digital learning. Or you can print them out for group work.

Reading Bundles

Reading teachers will find task cards, lesson plans, videos, and PowerPoints.

Main Ideas, Drawing Conclusions, Context Clues, and more.

The main idea bundle has two days of lesson activities. It includes PowerPoints, practice pages, assessments, and task cards.

Social Studies

Social Studies teachers, it’s so hard to have the right resources that respect the content, your time, and student interests!

Our bundles are integrated with reading skills to ensure the biggest impact for students.

Resources that are on sale include PowerPoints, Videos, Printables. There is a three-day lesson on landforms, hero studies like Hector P. Garcia and Todd Beamer, and more.

Click below to save money on this sale!

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