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Well, I guess it depends on who you ask. But ultimately, teaching is judged by learning. High levels of learning = high levels of teaching. That’s the end of this post…no seriously, there are some important factors to consider in determining and planning for high-quality teaching.

Let’s start with a little FAQ on high-quality teaching and then cover a few resources.

High-Quality Teaching FAQ

What is High Quality Teaching?

When all learners develop skills and concepts at high levels and believe that they are capable of learning anything given the right amount of effort, high-quality teaching has occurred.

What modes of instruction are high-quality teaching?

Most modes of instruction can be categorized in one of four areas:
1) Focused Instruction
2) Guided Instruction
3) Collaborative Learning
4) Independent Learning

What is a traditional model of teaching?

One of the most common models of teaching begins with a direct explanation, modeling, guided practice, independent practice, and assessment.

What other models of teaching exist?

Some of the most popular models of teaching include the 5e lesson, Project-Based Learning, Computer-aided instruction, Small group learning, and direct instruction.

Resources That Support High Quality Teaching

Nancy Frey, Doug Fisher and Alex Gonzalez proposed the gradual release of responsibility as an essential framework to build lessons that result in high-quality learning. They write:

Students apply what they have been taught, fully expressing the skills and processes they have been using throughout the entire gradual release of responsibility framework, along with critical habits of mind, like metacognition and self-regulation.

You can read more about their techniques in Better Learning Through Structured Teaching.

Standford University suggest high quality teaching includes:

  • Engaging students in active learning.
  • Create intellectually challenging tasks.
  • Ensure scaffolds produced successful practice.
  • Use clear learning goals and constant feedback.

Students should be allowed to explore concepts over time as opposed to facts in isolation. When this happens, they develop deeper understanding and are able to transfer knowledge across disciplines and situations.

Some authors such Hope King and Wade King suggest teachers need enthusiasm and creativity in their classrooms to reach levels of high-quality teaching. Their book The Wild Card: 7 Steps to an Educator’s Creative Breakthrough is a best-selling and highly acclaimed.

“The passion, creativity, and clever strategies displayed by Hope and Wade King in The Wild Card are inspiring. This book is a teacher wonderland of ideas, inspiration, and mind-blowing magic that impressed me beyond words. Hope and Wade have shown us all how to be better and hone our craft as educators. They have discovered a way to help all teachers reach their true potential and  have enabled us all to inspire every child to achieve success.”
– Ron Clark, Founder of The Ron Clark Academy

So what do you think? What are the most important traits of high-quality teaching? Consider leaving us a comment when you share this post by smashing one of the buttons below.

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