Growth Mindset Activities Bundle [Video and Teaching Resources]

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As we shared in a previous post, growth mindset helps students:

  • Focus on learning, not just grades.
  • Take control of their efforts.
  • Understand the effort is more important than merely being "smart".
  • Talent is developed, you aren't just "good at it".
  • Struggles can create new learning.

In this post, you'll receive a few free growth mindset resources and ideas and well as an overview of the growth mindset activities that we offer.

Why Use Growth Mindset Activities in Class?

Video for Professional Learning

Carol Dweck researches “growth mindset” — the idea that we can grow our brain's capacity to learn and to solve problems. In this talk, she describes two ways to think about a problem that’s slightly too hard for you to solve. Are you not smart enough to solve it … or have you just not solved it yet? 

Video for Class Use

Here's a great video to explain growth mindset with students. It helps students see the relationship between putting in effort and learning. 

Brain Muscles and Activities

Your brain gets stronger when you stretch it—just like muscles get stronger when you workout.

It's not always easy to workout your brain! In fact, your brain uses 20% of the oxygen and blood in your body because it works so hard.

Our Activities Bundle

How can we help your students workout their "brain muscles"?

We created a Growth Mindset Activities Bundle, so you can help students focus on the most important goal of education: learning.

It will help students develop an understanding of persistence and grit.

Teaching about growth mindset can motivate and encourage students to put effort into their learning.

You might also like this Growth Mindset Handbook with Monthly Activities.

Learning is not about being smart, it's about working hard toward a goal and doing whatever it takes to learn. These growth mindset activities help students by teaching them it's okay to make mistakes, face challenges, and to not feel "smart". 

You can preview and purchase the activities on TeachersPayTeachers.

Growth Mindset Activities that promote resilience, persistence, and grit!

Multi-Media Bundle

"Nice variety here, not like everything else out there (for growth mindset)."

 - TPT Buyer, 2017

There are a variety of growth mindset activities that can be used in class, on Google Classroom, or in learning stations. They are:

  1. HD Growth Mindset Video
  2. PowerPoint and Slideshow Video
  3. Eleven visual writing prompts
  4. Seven 8" x 11" Color Growth Mindset Posters
  5. 10 Growth Mindset Quote Posters (in 3 different styles)
  6. 4 Goal-Setting and Data Tracking Pages
  7. 12 Question Cards
  8. One Printable Student Activity
  9. Teacher Answer Sheet
Growth Mindset Activities can be a great way to increase independence and motivation in learning. Growth Mindset Activities Bundle from TeamTom Education PIN

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Ideas for Using the Growth Mindset Activities

Below are some ideas you can use with our multi-media bundle or with any lesson on growth mindset.

Growth Mindset Video

The video is a great way to spark discussion and provide students with a strong visual of growth (like in Student Visible Learning). Post the video on Google Classroom for homework, place in a center or work station, or use it one day for a warm-up activity.

Class discussion or a think-pair-share-write could center on these questions:

  • What mistake have you made that taught you a lesson?
  • How do you feel when you work hard and reach a goal?
  • What skills are you currently working to improve?

Growth Mindset PowerPoint

This is a quick tool for review throughout the year. There are multiple question prompts and visuals that can prompt class discussion.

The PowerPoint can be shown all at once for a 20 minute mini-lesson.

But we really like to break it up across the first four weeks of school. Show only a few slides each time and add a writing prompt. This will help develop growth mindset across a longer period of time!

Growth Mindset Posters and Quotes

You can use the posters and quotes each time you meet in a small group. It's a quick 60 second starter for any small group lesson.

You can also create a bulletin board to hang a different poster each day for a week. Briefly talk about the meaning in the quotes to help students keep focused on their efforts and learning goals.

These visuals become constant touch-points or anchor charts for mini-lessons and impromptu growth mindset activities.

Writing Prompts & Quick Writes

The writing prompts are visual cues pulled straight from the video! You can use the growth  mindset writing prompts in a variety of settings:

  • Whole class shared writing
  • Independent writing
  • Daily Warm-up
  • Peer writing station
  • Think-pair-write-share

Timed Open Write. This do this activity, you leave the writing prompt wide open. Just give the page and ask students to write for 4 minutes. They have to write whatever first comes to mind about this visual.

Paired Writing. Give the visual out to your student groups and ask them to recall previous discussions from the video. After groups discuss, pair the students up. Each pair of students will take turns writing one sentence at a time until 8 sentences are written.

Focused Writing. Ask a detailed question related to the visual cue. Here are some examples:

  • What do you think it means to be afraid of failing?
  • Why should you think something differently than, "This is too hard for me?" What could you think instead?
  • What are we doing in class that makes you feel the way this person feels?
  • What do the words in the picture mean to you? How does effort help this person learn?
  • What skills do you need to learn, so you can feel successful?

These Growth Mindset Activities help students see themselves as learners who can learn!

Goal Setting Activities

One of the best parts of the activity bundle are the goal pages. These are used by the students through the entire year.

Begin each grading period with a review of growth mindset ideas or quotes. Then guide students through the goal-setting activities.

"This will be my first year using Growth Mindset, this is perfect!" - Eileen O., Aug. 2, 2017

A Variety of Growth Mindset Activities

The bundle is not about presenting a single lesson. It's about providing students with a variety of growth mindset activities throughout a unit, during back-to-school, or through the entire year.

  • The video can be used in a flipped lesson.
  • There's ample opportunity for classroom discussion.
  • The posters and quotes can be used for sponge activities.

Get the Growth Mindset Activities

If you want to provide your students the knowledge that will help them focus on effort and hard work, these growth mindset activities are for you.

Take back you weekends. Enjoy peace of mind with no prep, high-quality teaching resources for growth mindset.

It's a Growing Bundle!

Any future updates are available in this bundle at no extra cost.

Click to view the growth mindset activities in our TeachersPayTeachers store!

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