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Aug 05

Escape Rooms Overview Video (How to Get Started)

By TeamTom Education | TeamTom Teachers

Escape Rooms. This How-To Video is an overview of the Escape Rooms for your Classroom from TeamTom Education. In this video you will find:0:20 Finding the Escape Rooms 0:45 Entering the Escape Rooms1:25 The Hands-Off Approach to Build Problem-Solving Skills2:10 The Student Answer Page and the Code Hacker2:30 Answering the Text-Based Questions3:05 Getting the Immediate Instructional […]

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Aug 04

Escape Room Discussion

By TeamTom Education | TeamTom Teachers

Tips and Feedback Did you discover any tips that are helpful? What are your thoughts about the Escape Rooms? Do you have any feedback to share? What Questions Do You Have? What’s unclear in the directions? What would you like to see changed? How Will You Use the Escape Rooms? We are interested in knowing […]

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Jul 19

The Growth Mindset Coach

By TeamTom Education | Teaching

Growth Mindset Coach - A HandGrowth Mindset Coach - A Handbook for Teachersbook for Teachers

The Growth Mindset Coach: A Teacher’s Month-by-Month Handbook for Empowering Students to Achieve *This book review contains affiliate links. Learn more about our Privacy Policy. The Growth Mindset Coach is a monthly handbook that is geared toward classrooms, and there are many good reasons that teachers and schools are grabbing this resource! Here are the […]

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May 13

Crisscross Applesauce and Shut the H*** Up (Book Review)

By TeamTom Education | Teaching

Teacher Book for Summer: CrissCross Applesauce and Shut the Hell Up by Colleen Schmit

Standardized testing, ridiculous demands on your schedule, poor decisions and mandates that are out of touch with the needs of kids, and an often thankless industry – it’s easy to understand why Colleen Schmit has crafted such a title, Crisscross Applesauce and Shut the Hell Up: 10 Reflective Lessons for New and Seasoned Teachers. If you’re […]

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Feb 07

Making Inferences (Task Card Bundle 2)

By TeamTom Education | Resources

Slay the STAAR test with Inferencing Task Cards from TeamTom

Making Inferences Our second bundle of inferencing task cards includes three more sets that give you about a week of reading practice. The first making inferences task card bundle included author’s purpose, realistic fiction, expository, poetry, persuasive text. This second task card bundle includes: Making Predictions in Fiction & Nonfiction Character Analysis Inferences Informational Text (Expository, […]

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Jan 21

Making Inferences (Task Card Bundle 1)

By TeamTom Education | Resources

STAAR Reading Making Inferences Task Cards

Making Inferences Task Cards >> This inferencing task card bundle includes three sets of making inferences task cards. They offer over a week of practice opportunities including author’s purpose, realistic fiction, expository, poetry, persuasive text. Inferencing skills include making predictions, conclusions, and character analysis. What’s In Making Inferences Task Card Bundle? There are three task cards […]

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Nov 05

Text Feature Scavenger Hunt (Informational Text)

By TeamTom Education | Products , Reading , Resources

This non fiction text feature scavenger hunt is the perfect resource to practice and engage!

You’re going to enjoy this new product line – Nonfiction Text Feature Scavenger Hunts! In this post, you will see: How the Scavenger Hunt Increases Learning. When to Use the Scavenger Hunt. What’s in the Text Feature Scavenger Hunt? Here’s a quick overview video, and then we’ll get into the details.   Text Feature Scavenger […]

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Sep 06

Todd Beamer and 9/11 (September 11th Hero Lesson)

By TeamTom Education | Products , Resources , Social Studies

This lesson plan has 2 days of activities to teach about Todd Beamer 9-11

SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSeptember 11, 2001 was a tragic day in American history. The terror attacks remain a horrific memory for who were alive on 9/11. However, there were many stories of heroism that deserve to be told. Todd Beamer was an American hero on Flight 93 on September 11th. Todd Beamer Lesson Plan BundleThis Todd Beamer lesson plan […]

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Aug 23

Growth Mindset Activities Bundle [Video and Teaching Resources]

By TeamTom Education | Back to School , Resources

These growth mindset activities will help you promote grit and determination in your students!

We created a Growth Mindset Activities Bundle, so you can help students focus on the most important goal of education: learning. As I shared in a previous post, a growth mindset helps students:focus on learning, not just gradestake control of their effortsunderstand the effort is more important than merely being “smart”talent is developed, you aren’t just “good […]

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