Secret Sale, 8 Tips, Word Meaning, and a Question

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The Monthly Mojo - September 2019

Exclusively for TeamTom Teachers.

This month we're sharing details on a secret sale, 8 tips for reading teachers, word meaning warm-ups, and one question to ask...and of course, we share our must-read book list.

The Secret Sale for Scavenger Hunts

We've worked for the past two months on three new scavenger hunts, and now we're ready to share them with you in a September sale.

The September sale for all of the scavenger hunts in our Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

They'll be 20% off with the bundles receiving the biggest discounts with their already 10% off + the 20% off for the sale.

September Sale

All Scavenger Hunts On Sale September 29-30

8 Tips for Reading Teachers

This free download has 8 super simple tips make it easier to support struggling readers and to boost reading levels faster. There's nothing to purchase - just a quick email to verify you're a TeamTom Teacher. 

Free Word Meaning Warm-Ups

Reading Teachers - we hope you take advantage of this free membership at Spiral WarmUps. Use it daily and watch student decoding, spelling, and reading levels increase quickly. And now, there are vocabulary building warm-ups. 

Learn more about the word meaning warm-ups here and signup for the free membership here.

One Question To Ask

What do you need?

That's it. What do you need in your classroom?

You name it, and we'll work on making it. This is a bonus exclusively for our TeamTom Teachers. Here are some ideas:

  • Task Cards on a Specific Genre
  • Task Cards on a Specific Skill or Standard
  • Scavenger Hunts, Sum Funs, Escape Rooms

Send us a private message and we'll be in touch!

Send A Request

Must-Read Books for Students


Free Lunch

A tale of a sixth grader who's hungry for food and his parents' attention.

  • Hope
  • Poverty
  • Optimism

The Crossover (Graphic Novel)

Basketball, musical talent - this is a fun story of a kid.

  • Sports
  • Artistry
  • Young Talent


A stomach ache coincides with her worries about food, school, and changing friendships.

  • Peer Pressure
  • Student Life
  • Anxiety

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