Guided Reading Tips to help you engage students at your small group and in the classroom!

Tips for Guided Reading Success

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by Bec West (Guest Author) 6 Tips for Guided Reading Success What makes guided reading an effective learning approach for young readers and upper elementary students? Here are 6 Tips for Guided Reading Success.   Create a quality learning environment with space explicitly designed for guided reading. A quality learning environment is pivotal to ensuring consistency and […]

The Ultimate Classroom Management Checklist to get your room going this back to school!

The Ultimate Classroom Management Checklist for Back to School

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This back to school classroom management checklist is designed to help you remember all the caveats of your classroom management! Especially, if you’ve enjoyed your summer break like you should have. However, if you didn’t get the full dose of rejuvenation from summer break, then you need to leave this article. Spend 2 days trying […]

Why Shared Reading is the Most Effective Instructional Activity in the Reading Classroom

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  If you could choose only one Instructional Activity for Reading what would it be? What one strategy would you use to increase reading levels? Would you choose guided reading, reading mini-lessons, read-alouds, or test prep? Well, okay… I know you wouldn’t choose test prep, but what about: leveled texts? reading stations? independent reading with […]

Test Review Should Never be Boring!

Bye to Boring Test Review – 4 Easy Strategies

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You ‘ve probably seen the look on your students’ faces…that look of utter despair. Another test prep worksheet! Let’s say goodbye to boring test prep. No matter the test you have to give, good instruction is still good instruction! In this post, I will give you four teaching strategies that promote critical thinking in fun […]

Test Question Slap Down that is Simple, Quick, and it Works!

Test Review Game: Test Question Slap Down

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  Ever get tired of doing test prep worksheets? Endless test review seatwork that feels like a drudgery? The tests are sucking the energy out of the classroom! You know the students hate it too. They dread traditional test review! But you know students need to… practice  the same thinking required on a test develop analytical […]

How do you maintain happiness, control stress, and be strong? Here are three keys to help.

How to be a Happier Teacher

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  Teacher happiness can be difficult to find sometimes. Look. What other profession provides almost no restroom breaks, works exclusively with developing humans, has a 20-minute lunch, and requires you to spend your own money for your professional tools? Let’s face it. Teaching is tough! But we knew that after our college internship. And we […]

The must-have teaching strategies for any middle school classroom!

Middle School Strategies for Habits of Mind

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Middle school students have unique needs. If you’ve spent more than a day in a classroom with these awesome adolescents, then you know…well, you know a lot of things. Instructional strategies for middle students require a blend of social interest, academic challenge, and careful scaffolding (see more on Scaffolding). What […]

Increase student engagement with physical movement!

Increase Student Engagement with Physical Movement

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  On-task. Compliance. Engagement. Participation. The subtle distinctions have vast differences in brain activity and student engagement in learning. Doing work and being off-task are vast opposites. Students must be on-task to learn, but not all compliant participation is the same. Compliance and engagement are different. When a student does what you ask, that student […]

27 New Teaching Ideas for 2017

27 Teaching Ideas to Try in 2017

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Happy New Year! It’s the perfect time to try new teaching ideas in the classroom. Here’s our list of teaching ideas to try in 2017…all organized into 5 categories: classroom management ideas, technology teaching ideas and tools, visible learning techniques, formative assessment ideas, and cross-curricular teaching strategies.   Classroom Management Ideas 1. Love Your Students. […]

How to use visible learning in your classroom with these 15 strategies.

15 Strategies Make an Impressive Impact in Students Lives!

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  You’ll probably agree with me when I say, “200% more growth than peers” is quite a stretch. Or is it? In our recent nine-week action research, students who focused on visible learning strategies outperformed their peers on district standardized tests. But that’s not all. They achieved over 200% more growth than their peers. We’ll […]

How do you Student Visible Learning in your classroom?

What is Student Visible Learning and how will it improve your Students’ Learning?

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So, what did you learn at school today? It’s an innocent question and very appropriate for any adult to ask a student. But why then do students consistently fail to recall what they learned? Often they just say, “Nothing” or “We read a book.” Visible learning changes that. You plan instruction, write objectives on the […]

Strategies for scaffolding.


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It’s not a new term, but it is receiving renewed interested from teachers. Rightfully so, scaffolding is the key to creating massive learning in the quickest time. But how can scaffolding cripple student learning? What learning strategies effectively scaffold students? Scaffolding is support. Guiding students in the learning process is scaffolding. Here are some examples: […]

Organizing Thought: A Meta-Cognitive Strategy

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Ideas, details, evidence, support, analytical thinking, strategic thinking…these all have one thing in common. They are easier to achieve when students have practice with meta-cognitive skills. Organizing thought is one meta-cognitive skill that can increase learning in any classroom. Organizing ThoughtThrough your life and during school you struggled with thoughts. A teacher said something or […]