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Mar 27

Common Formative Assessment (Best Practices and Benefits)

By TeamTom Education | Strategies

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Smart assessment practices don’t always match with mandated testing practices. Many have written on the dangers of standardized testing, but what about the incredible promises of common formative assessment? Do you give common assessments? How about formative assessments? How are those practices different from common formative assessments, and does it even really matter? Yes and […]

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Jan 10

Tips for Guided Reading Success

By Matt | Reading , Strategies

Guided Reading Tips to help you engage students at your small group and in the classroom!

by Bec West (Guest Author) 6 Tips for Guided Reading SuccessWhat makes guided reading an effective learning approach for young readers and upper elementary students? Here are 6 Tips for Guided Reading Success.Create a quality learning environment with space explicitly designed for guided reading.A quality learning environment is pivotal to ensuring consistency and optimal focus of students, […]

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Aug 08

The Ultimate Classroom Management Checklist for Back to School

By Matt | Back to School , Strategies , Teaching

The Ultimate Classroom Management Checklist to get your room going this back to school!

This back to school classroom management checklist is designed to help you remember all the caveats of your classroom management! Especially, if you’ve enjoyed your summer break like you should have. However, if you didn’t get the full dose of rejuvenation from summer break, then you need to leave this article. Spend 2 days trying some […]

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Jun 04

Why Shared Reading is the Most Effective Instructional Activity in the Reading Classroom

By Matt | Reading , Strategies

If you could choose only one Instructional Activity for Reading what would it be? What one strategy would you use to increase reading levels? Would you choose guided reading, reading mini-lessons, read-alouds, or test prep? Well, okay… I know you wouldn’t choose test prep, but what about: leveled texts? reading stations? independent reading with conferences? […]

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Mar 28

Test Review Game: Test Question Slap Down

By TeamTom Education | Strategies , Teaching

Test Question Slap Down that is Simple, Quick, and it Works!

 Ever get tired of doing test prep worksheets? Endless test review seatwork that feels like a drudgery? The tests are sucking the energy out of the classroom! You know the students hate it too. They dread traditional test review! But you know students need to…practice  the same thinking required on a testdevelop analytical skills that are required on […]

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Feb 11

How to be a Happier Teacher

By Matt | Strategies , Teaching

How do you maintain happiness, control stress, and be strong? Here are three keys to help.

 Teacher happiness can be difficult to find sometimes…teaching is among the most pressured and stressful professions. Look, what other profession provides almost no restroom breaks, works exclusively with developing humans, has a 20-minute lunch, and requires you to spend your own money for your professional tools? (Just take a look at Burned Out, Beaten Up, and Fighting […]

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Feb 05

Middle School Strategies for Habits of Mind

By TeamTom Education | Middle School , Strategies , Teaching

The must-have teaching strategies for any middle school classroom!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Middle school students have unique needs. If you’ve spent more than a day in a classroom with these awesome adolescents, then you know…well, you know a lot of things. Instructional strategies for middle students require a blend of social interest, academic challenge, and careful scaffolding (see more on Scaffolding). What […]

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