Guided Reading Tips to help you engage students at your small group and in the classroom!

Tips for Guided Reading Success

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by Bec West (Guest Author) 6 Tips for Guided Reading Success What makes guided reading an effective learning approach for young readers and upper elementary students? Here are 6 Tips for Guided Reading Success.   Create a quality learning environment with space explicitly designed for guided reading. A quality learning environment is pivotal to ensuring consistency and […]

This Thanksgiving we'd like to say we're thankful for teachers.

Thanksgiving for Teachers

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Thankful for Teachers With Thanksgiving around the corner, I want to take a moment and reflect on you – teacher. I’m thankful for teachers because it was a 3rd-grade teacher (sweet, little, old Irish Catholic superstar!) who taught me adults are role models for compassion and caring. I’m thankful for teachers because it was a […]

The Ultimate Classroom Management Checklist to get your room going this back to school!

The Ultimate Classroom Management Checklist for Back to School

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This back to school classroom management checklist is designed to help you remember all the caveats of your classroom management! Especially, if you’ve enjoyed your summer break like you should have. However, if you didn’t get the full dose of rejuvenation from summer break, then you need to leave this article. Spend 2 days trying […]

What does the research say about word study in upper elementary school?

Research Review for Word Study

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A quick research review for word study can answer very important questions about literacy curriculum and instruction in our schools.What does the research say about the use of word study?What type of word study instruction is effective in upper elementary and middle school?What are the purposes and effects of teaching word knowledge to transitional readers?In […]

Why Shared Reading is the Most Effective Instructional Activity in the Reading Classroom

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  If you could choose only one Instructional Activity for Reading what would it be? What one strategy would you use to increase reading levels? Would you choose guided reading, reading mini-lessons, read-alouds, or test prep? Well, okay… I know you wouldn’t choose test prep, but what about: leveled texts? reading stations? independent reading with […]

How Teacher Gratitude Creates Teacher Greatness

Teacher Trait: Gratitude and Greatness

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SaveSaveWhat really separates great teachers from average teachers? I don’t think it’s: test scores office referrals content knowledge pedagogy That may sound strange at first glance, but… …I really don’t think it’s the set of strategies great teachers use day in and day out that makes them great. I really don’t think it’s their degrees or certifications. I […]

How can you teach context clues, so that is easy for students to master and use!

How to Teach Context Clues

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Simple Ways to Learn Context Clues You know that decoding word sounds is one of the major obstacles to reading fluency. You also know that there is another major obstacle…using context clues to decoding word meanings. Vocabulary is a killer in reading comprehension. It is also one of the largest factors in creating strong readers. However, […]

Feel appreciated all year round with these 6 tips for teacher happiness!

Teacher Appreciation is not One Week of the Year

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  For one week out of the year, you’re served donuts, coffee bars, treats, foods, and special tokens of gratitude. Teacher appreciation week is really nice, but do you feel appreciated the rest of the year? Maybe you do… …but… Given the turnover in the profession, it’s likely you experience days or weeks when you […]

In this post, summarizing task cards are previewed with test prep strategies to help students succeed!

Reading Test Prep: Summarizing, Without the Headaches!

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Summarizing can be so difficult for some upper elementary students to grasp! I think you’ll agree with me when I say, …some tests (including STAAR) can cause headaches when they ask students to summarize text! It has to be this way, right? Or does it? I’m going to show you how reading teachers successfully teach […]

Reading Test Prep & STAAR Review are easier with these engaging teaching ideas and task cards!

Reading Test Prep: Making Inferences

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  You might have heard, “If you teach it right, they don’t need test prep.” This may be true for some advantaged students. But let’s face it, a reading test represents a unique genre that requires specific skills. Reading test prep is essential. And if you’re in Texas, STAAR review is even more critical. Before we […]

How do you maintain happiness, control stress, and be strong? Here are three keys to help.

How to be a Happier Teacher

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  Teacher happiness can be difficult to find sometimes. Look. What other profession provides almost no restroom breaks, works exclusively with developing humans, has a 20-minute lunch, and requires you to spend your own money for your professional tools? Let’s face it. Teaching is tough! But we knew that after our college internship. And we […]

How do you Student Visible Learning in your classroom?

What is Student Visible Learning and how will it improve your Students’ Learning?

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So, what did you learn at school today? It’s an innocent question and very appropriate for any adult to ask a student. But why then do students consistently fail to recall what they learned? Often they just say, “Nothing” or “We read a book.” Visible learning changes that. You plan instruction, write objectives on the […]