Tips for Guided Reading Success

Guided Reading Tips to help you engage students at your small group and in the classroom!

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by Bec West (Guest Author)

6 Tips for Guided Reading Success

What makes guided reading an effective learning approach for young readers and upper elementary students? Here are 6 Tips for Guided Reading Success.

  1. Create a quality learning environment with space explicitly designed for guided reading.

A quality learning environment is pivotal to ensuring consistency and optimal focus of students, with easy access to resources and material.

  1. Know your text.

A good orientation can take a student from ‘reading for understanding’ to ‘reading for enjoyment’, it’s the first moment you can create a high level of engagement.

  1. Don’t be afraid to pause the story.

When students suddenly interrupt to ask for clarification or seek more information that is a teachable moment – use the laptop to Google pictures, YouTube videos or look up information (don’t make it a regular habit but don’t miss that wonderful opportunity for a light bulb moment).

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  1. It’s all reciprocal.

Everything we do, whether it’s reading, writing, talking, listening is all interconnected and intertwined. It’s not a hindrance but an advantage – it can connect to other KLA’s, other classes, library sessions, technology etc.

  1. Don’t skip word work.

As the room gets louder and kids get distracted it can be easy to think that the main task is done because the reading is done – the word work is the icing on the cake!

  1. Feedback! Feedback! Feedback!

Peer feedback. Student feedback. Teacher feedback. Professional feedback. Listen to it, accept what you hear, reflect on it and apply changes YOU feel would be beneficial. It doesn’t have to change if you know it works for you and your students, but don’t be afraid to try something new or different.


Our Guest Author is the amazing Bec West, Assistant Principal from Sydney, New South Wales. She is vlogger, author, proud public educator, lifelong learner, and dedicated leader.

Check out her awesome YouTube Channel Talkin’ Chalk and follow her on Twitter @BecWest81.


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(Tip 1) Create a space explicitly designed for guided reading.Click To Tweet

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