Kid Entrepreneurs, Wrigley, and Bats!

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If you’ve enjoyed any of our main idea task cards, you’re going to love main ideas task cards 7, which includes these topics:

  • Kid Entrepreneurs
  • William Wrigley Jr. and Gum
  • Bats from Bracken Cave

In this post, I’ll share three videos to give your students background knowledge before, during, or after reading the task cards. If you enjoy these resources, please share this post with a friend!

Kid Entrepreneurs

The task cards start out with a few sections of text on kid entrepreneurship. Here’s a quick video to build background knowledge about “Mr. Cory” a 10 year old entrepreneur who’s building a cookie company.

Mr. Cory, the kid entrepreneur sells cookies!

Wrigley and Gum

William Wrigley Jr. has an interesting history. He started out selling soap, and then moved to baking soda, and finally gum. Each step in his journey was an accidental success.

He old soap for his dad. Then he sold baking soda, and finally he sold gum!

The middle four main idea task cards tell his story, and students have to find main ideas of paragraphs and sections.

Bats at Bracken Cave

20 Million. That’s the number of bats in this cave near San Antonio, Texas! Students will read some highly engaging details about bats and answer main idea questions.

Here’s a quick video showing the 20 million bats leaving Bracken Cave on an evening in 2017.

If you enjoyed these topics, please preview the Main Idea Task Cards 7 at TeamTom TeachersPayTeachers.

Main Idea Task Cards 7 focus on informational texts - kid entrepreneurs, Wrigley's Gum, and bats at Bracken Cave.

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