9 Things to Do Instead of Movies

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Teaching Tips

What to do instead of watching a movie…Students can:

  • Create a board game.
  • Have a day of free research (read, internet, and create something).
  • Explore creating podcasts.
  • Create sketchnote videos.
  • Experiment with genius hour.
  • Create thematic blogs.
  • Maker projects.
  • History mystery.
  • Try out these 10 ways to integrate technology and writing.

Professional Reading

Reclaiming Our Calling, by Brad Gustafson


Kids are more than numbers. You hold more than a job. Why then do so many pressures make you feel less than the hero you are? Why are so many teachers facing feelings of burnout?

Through a series of interwoven stories, this genre-busting book will empower you to do just that.

Practical solutions and pragmatic takeaways include:

  • Talk about learning that lasts in tangible terms
  • Teach on behalf of the whole learner and see strengths like never before
  • Take authentic steps toward meaningful change regardless of the role you’re in
  • Hold on to the heart, mind, and hope of this incredible calling

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