Kids Who Read, Beat Summer Slide

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Here are 9 ways to beat the summer slide by motivating students to read:

  1. Create a summer book club.
  2. Meet at the local library.
  3. Meet at the school library.
  4. Do a weekly read aloud via Skype.
  5. Create a school blog where students can share what they’re reading.
  6. Hold family reading nights during the summer.
  7. Do a summertime read and watch night (read a book, watch the movie).
  8. Set Goals
  9. Make summer reading a game.

Create a summer tutoring program with easy-to-use teaching resources. Play games like these and have fun!

Reading Resources

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More Summer Slide Reading Ideas

Principal Amy Williams Reyna wrote her ideas, and they are great!

We have a summer reading program four days a week and students can come read in the school library and take AR tests on the genre challenge books. Each week there is a fun program and activities for them as well.

Another principal shared how they increase summer reading at her high school:

We plan to use Penny Kittle’s approach—teachers sign up to promote a book of their choice and hold a one-hour discussion at a designated location.

And other schools use these great summer reading ideas:

  • Mid-summer we do a book delivery. Teachers deliver books with their homeroom letters.
  • We do books on blankets. Kids bring books and blankets and read outside. Each week we have a staff member read a favorite picture book.

Ms. Gaines encourages her school to read over the summer in Kirbyville Elementary’s Summer Reading program designed to help students maintain or increase their reading levels.

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