Burned Out, Beaten Up, Fighting Back

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Educator burnout is all too common…

Burnout is all too common, and it’s not a shame nor an embarrassment as you might think. You are not less of a teacher – odds are, you’ve probably been too much of a teacher.

In this new book by Dr. Latoya Dixon, the issue of burnout is faced head-on, and its many culprits are attacked one at a time.

Our students are not test scores. They are human beings who require love, listening, care, nutrition, and support. Educators are not ticks on a graph or data sets whose value lies in a computerized assesment of their effectiveness based on a single measure. We are practitioners whose commitment and dedication cannot be reduced to an annual high stakes assessment. It’s time for educators to take the opportunity to demonstrate the courage we ask our students to use to tackle learning and life. The time is now.

This book will equip every teacher, instructional coach, and campus leader to:

  1. Elevate the education profession to its rightful degree of honor and respect.
  2. End the culture of overexertion and over-exhaustion.
  3. Step away from the sidelines and become active shapers of policy.
  4. Think about ways to increase educator wellness and teacher happiness.
  5. Become bold voices that destroy the demeaning narrative of public education.
  6. Advocate for better compensation across the entire education industry.
  7. Fight back for our students, our schools, and ourselves!

Burned Out, Beaten Up, Fighting Back: A Call to Action for America’s Public Educators

For a more detailed review of the book, click here.

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