Figurative Language Task Cards: Making Inferences 9

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Inferring the meaning of Figurative Language in 20 Task Cards

In our 9th set of making inferences task cards, students read a variety of figurative language and infer the meaning of sensory language, idioms, and imagery.

View the 8th set of task cards (literary nonfiction) here at TeachersPayTeachers.

Who are they for?

These inferencing task cards are for grades 3-5 with challenging texts at Levels 800-900 (grade 4.5). They challenge 3rd and 4th grades and provide review/intervention for 5th graders.

What Type of Figurative Language?
Readers will infer the meaning of:

  • Sensory details that appeal to the 5 senses
  • Imagery used to visualize the details
  • Idioms and metaphors

What Type of Inferencing Question Stems Are There?

There are 14 multiple-choice questions:

  • What does the author say when [figurative language]?
  • Which phrase helps the reader visualize __?
  • Why did the author include sensory language?

Students also connect reading skills to author’s craft in the final 6 task cards, “What’s another way to write this figurative language?” There is an example of figurative language and students create their own example.

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