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Spiral Warmups for Word Study, Vocabulary, Spelling Patterns.

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We are excited to give to you our newest FREE teaching resource to help engage your students and increase learning! It’s word study bundled into 3-6 minutes of no-prep, just turn on and learn warm-ups. The warm-ups are designed to spiral the essential reading and writing skills. 

You’re invited to sign up for the free resources today at the Spiral WarmUps website!

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Daily Word Study Warm-Ups

Each day, students will quickly improve reading and writing by studying:

  1. Consonant Clusters (blends, digraphs, etc)
  2. Vowels (long, short, combinations, etc)
  3. Decoding (basic, multi-syllabic)
  4. Affixes (prefixes, suffixes, and base words)
  5. Spelling Patterns (basic and advanced)
  6. Vocabulary (context clues, academic words)
  7. Vocabulary (Greek roots, Latin roots)

This is word study integrated into your day, so students can build these necessary foundation skills. Research shows that students who engage in daily word study outperform peers on reading and writing assessments! is designed so you don’t have to do the planning and material preparation. You can simply focus on teaching – helping students, giving feedback, and maximizing engagement! Features

  1. Videos,
  2. Whole class word study tasks,
  3. Spiraling curriculum,
  4. Planned sequence based on grade levels, and
  5. Free membership!

The official launch was in 2017. Since that time, hundreds of classrooms have experienced massive gains in reading levels. You can join the awesomeness now to access the FREE membership by signing up at Or keep reading for the sign-up form below. What do you have to lose? With your free membership, there is:

  • No Prep
  • No Printing
  • No Cost

It’s simple. Just turn on. And get your learn on! Work it into the start of class and students will soon be word experts. Spelling, reading, writing, vocabulary.

What do you have to gain?

  • Daily Word Study
  • 3-6 Minutes of Warm-ups
  • Engaged learning at the start of class
  • Integrated into your daily routine
  • Spiraling for enhanced re-learning and retention
  • Built-in differentiation
  • Sequence already planned based on students’ levels
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Benefits of Spiral WarmUps

Using a consistent, daily spiral review can improve learning, boost retention, and increase results.

How does spiraling help learning?

How many times have you taught a lesson, and a week or two later, students act like they’ve never heard about the topic? Well, they’re not acting. The brain learns quickly, but it has difficulty recalling what it has learned. Ask me 60 seconds from now to recall what you taught, and I’ll make a 100! Ask me 60 days from now, and I might fail that exam!

This is even more true with word study…well, because it’s not the priority like reading comprehension is. State tests don’t demand it. But it is fundamental to reading comprehension and writing fluency! This is where spiraling comes in. With short, repeated exposure to skills and concepts the brain is scaffolded into recalling.

Over time, retention and comprehension deepen, and recall becomes easier! This is what we call fluency. With word study, fluency is vital. Reading depends on fluent decoding, fluent word recognition, and fluent meaning-making. This is why reading is a complex process. It’s also why spiral warm-ups make the process easier!

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How do Spiral Warm-ups Increase Results?

As fluency increases, students can read faster. Faster reading makes comprehension easier. Also, fluency with vocabulary means students have richer networks of background knowledge to aid comprehension during reading.

Word study is so much more than just spelling words or phonics. Word study is fundamental to making the entire reading-writing process fluent! These word study warm-ups are differentiated by level. They span the following skills:

  • Consonant blends (initial, middle, and final)
  • Digraphs
  • Vowels sounds (short and long)
  • Vowel combinations
  • Word recognition and fluency building
  • Spelling patterns
  • Decoding multi-syllabic words
  • Word meanings and context clues
  • Greek and Latin Roots
  • Affixes
  • Academic Vocabulary

If you’re looking for word study resources that integrate into your daily routine, try out this free resource. You can gain access to a free membership by signing up at Just click the link below.

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We’re here to help you gain greater learning results – easier and quicker. If you believe any other teachers will benefit from a free Word Study membership to, please consider sharing using the buttons below!

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