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We’re so happy to announce the newest teaching resource that will make your day easier and build stronger readers and writers: reading comprehension warm-ups!

Boost reading levels with reading comprehension warm-ups.

Reading Comprehension Warm-Ups, What?

If you’ve followed our sister site,, you know that Word Study Warm-Ups have been free for grades 2-6 since the fall of 2017.

However, the new year brought a new transformation to the way reading teachers can approach spiral review, and that’s the new reading comprehension warm-ups. What are they? They are:

  • 3-6 Minutes in Length
  • For grades 2-4 on-level
  • For grades 4-6 on-level and intervention
  • For grades 6-8 intervention and ELL
  • Interactive Video
  • Turn and Talk
  • Think-Pair-Write
  • Timed Reading
  • Task Cards
  • And more!

How to Use the Reading Comprehension Warm-Ups

The video really captures the big picture, but you should also know that the reading comprehension warm-ups come organized by CCSS strands and with suggested grade-level sequences.

Here is a post that gives you four literacy block schedules to help you work the daily spiral review into your reading lesson plans.

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Why Your Students Need Spiral Review

The research base is solid for spiral review.

The case study evidence is quite unbelievable.

[Really. If you don’t believe me, look at this 233% Growth Article]

The daily reading comprehension spiral review will fill gaps, build fluency, and boost reading levels because it enhances retention and retrieval of reading strategies and skills.

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May I suggest a change…

In only 3-6 minutes of your class time, you can simply decide what your students need practice in and press play.

Thanks for reading. I’d like to recommend you investigate this reading resource to see if it’s right for your students.

Click Reading Comprehension Warm-Ups to see for yourself.

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