#TeachingBundle: Three Branches of Government

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Three Branches of Government Introduction

#TeachingBundle: Three Branches of Government

Teachers, you know that you have limited time. You are closing gaps, getting reading levels up, teaching writing, spelling, and much more. Why not use a #TeachingBundle to integrate Social Studies with your Reading instruction?

This bundle is an introduction to the Three Branches of Government. It has a video, a PowerPoint, a main idea passage, and answers the question: why do we have three branches of government?

Video Introduction

Start with the 30-second video (see below). It provides images and information that will stir prior knowledge. After the video, create a KWL (know, want, learn) chart. List what the students already know. Then list the questions that they want to learn. Now, you’re ready for the PowerPoint.


The PowerPoint is not a lecture! It is an interactive visual aid. Students will see pictures of national landmarks. They will take notes in the Learn section of their KWLs. Throughout the PowerPoint there questions and brainstorms that have students discuss what they are learning.

Main Idea Text

At this point, students will ample background knowledge to tackle this complex text. It gives more in-depth information about the Constitution and three branches. There are three questions that ask about main ideas and supporting details.

Our previous #TeachingBundle was Drawing Conclusions: video, powerpoint, and task cards. Take a look at it here.

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