Integer Operations

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Operations with Integers with negative numbers.

Integer Operations

Are you looking for an engaging way for your students to practice Integer Operations? Do you need them to be aligned with STAAR? Are you looking for ways to connect Integer Operations to pictorial or concrete models?

We created these Integer Operations Task Cards for you and your 6th grade class.

Integer Operations Task Cards 6th Grade

The Integer Operations task cards are perfect for 6th grade math class practicing modeling and solving integer problems in all four operations. The task cards cover all operations with integers:

  1. Adding Negative and Positive Integers
  2. Subtracting Negative and Positive Integers
  3. Dividing and Multiplying Negative and Positive Integers
  4. Using Integer Operation Rules

7th- and 8th-Grade STAAR Remediation

Your 7th- and 8th-grade students will also benefit for STAAR remediation. Students use positive and negative integers to simplify equations, integer operation rules to find the value of an equation, and apply their understanding of Integer Operations to real-world problems.

All directly aligned to the STAAR test! See for yourself.

Operations with Integers on a number line in these task cards!

Teaching Integer Operations or STAAR Review

This set of Integer Operations task cards can be used to support your classroom in a variety of different ways. Use them for first time instruction in 6th-Grade or Math STAAR Prep fun, and students will learn more!!!

Here are three ways to use these task cards with your students:

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    Provide individuals or small groups of students with copies of task cards to complete. It's like a segmented integer operation worksheet, but students feel more confident about completing.
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    Laminate the full pages or place in clear covers in a binder so students can do during math stations.
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    Copy specific pages to use as an assessment. Answers keys are available for every page.
Operations with Integers with negative numbers.

Aligned to STAAR Integer Problems

All 16 Integer Operations task cards are open-ended questions that align to STAAR. Students are challenged to make connections with pictorial representations, real-world problems, and integer operation rules. Challenging, engaging, and great practice for 6th, 7th or 8th grade students at all levels.

Check out these Integer Operations Task Cards 6th Grade and more here!


Click to view on TeachersPayTeachers, and see how these task cards will help your students master operations with integers.

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