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Sequencing Graphic Organizers

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Sep 16

Reading lessons are made better with the right graphic organizer. Here are three organizers that can help you scaffold student learning of order of events, sequencing, and summarizing. Download and use as needed to help your students master the reading process!

Sequencing Basic Graphic Organizer

This graphic organizer focuses on three main events in a story or narrative. It's basic for early readers who are learning beginning, middle, and ending.

Students will use "first, next, last" as key words to guide them as they analyze text.​

​You can download a pdf of this sequencing graphic organizer by clicking the image below.

Free Downloadable Sequencing Map


This graphic organizer scaffolds students as the sequence events in a story. It is perfect for elementary readers.

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Sequencing Graphic Organizer with Plot Analysis

This graphic organizer has five main events and students are scaffold with key words:

  • First
  • Next
  • And
  • Then
  • Finally

After placing main events in order, the students will analyze the plot by thinking about the problem and solution. They are asked the following questions:

  • What is the problem?
  • How did the main character feel about this problem?
  • What is the solution to the problem?
  • What change happened so the problem could be solved?

Then students draw a line to connect the events to the problem and solution. This is great visual to build reading comprehension.

​You can download a pdf of this sequencing graphic organizer by clicking the image below.

In this graphic organizer, students will sequence events and analysis plot at the same time! Perfect for reading comprehension.

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Graphic Organizer for Order of Events

This graphic organizer is designed for transitional and fluent readers (upper elementary and middle school). 

It requires more complex texts with a series of main events. Students will:

  • check
    List characters
  • check
    Describe the setting
  • check
    Sequence six main events.

​You can download a pdf of this sequencing graphic organizer by clicking the image below.

This free graphic organizer includes characters, setting, and ordering six main events from a text.

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Please feel free to download any of these free graphic organizers to use in your classroom or share with other teachers. You also may share online via Pinterest or other social media.

Copyright limits the use of these graphic organizers to instructional purposes only. Any reproduction for commercial or other purposes is prohibited.

Sequencing Graphic Organizers and Task Cards

If you enjoyed these free sequencing graphic organizers, your students will love our sequencing and summarizing task cards!

Boost reading levels and reading comprehension by combining these graphic organizers with task card stations, centers, warm-ups, and practice!


Click the picture to view these sequencing task cards in our TPT store.


Task Cards that make summarizing simpler for students to master!

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