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4th Grade Math STAAR review task cards that work! And make teaching easy.

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STAAR review is so much easier with the right resources. The right warm-ups, spiral practice, stations, and group work.

That’s what these math task cards are!

Your students will appreciate the simplicity and support in these new STAAR review resources. You will appreciate how engaged students are and how well-aligned the questions are to STAAR math!

4th grade readiness TEKS task cards are already published on TeachersPayTeachers, and categories 3 and 4 are going to be published in the coming few days!

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4th Grade Readiness TEKS Task Cards

These STAAR Math review task cards are focused on the readiness TEKS for each category of STAAR. Some of the task cards are open-ended, and some of them are multiple choice. Here are the topics:

  1. 4th Grade Math STAAR Task Card Bundle
  2. Task Cards #1 Fractions and Decimals (Multiple-Choice)
  3. Task Cards #2 Fractions and Decimals (Open-Ended)
  4. Task Cards #3 Fractions and Decimals (Supporting Standards)
  5. Task Cards #4 Computations and Algebraic Relationships (Readiness Standards)
  6. Task Cards #5 Geometry and Measurement (Readiness Standards)
  7. Task Cards #6 Data Analysis (Readiness Standards)
4th Grade STAAR Math Review that targets the readiness TEKS with aligned task cards!
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4th Grade STAAR Skills

In the Category 1 Task Cards, students will review fractions, decimals, and numbers. The skills include:

  1. Equivalent Fractions
  2. Fractions on a number line
  3. Expanded form for numbers
  4. Tenths & hundredths
  5. Fractions in base-ten blocks
  6. Word form, standard form, and place value
  7. Using graphics, models, and visuals

In the Category 2 Task Cards, students will:

  1. Use the four operations with whole numbers to solve problems.
  2. Generate and analyze patterns.
  3. Numerical expressions with letters
  4. Input-Output
  5. Algebriac reasoning and thinking

In the Category 3 Task Cards, students will review geometric attributes and measurement including:

  1. Applying area and perimeter formulas
  2. Measuring angles using a protractor
  3. Solving word problems with volume and mass
  4. Classifying two-dimensional polygons and objects
  5. Units of measurement

In the Category 4 Task Cards, students will represent and interpret data including:

  1. Number lines
  2. Plot graphs
  3. Histograms
  4. Box plots

What do Teachers Think About these STAAR Task Cards?

“Super excited to add this to my daily warm-ups!” -Rachelle G.

Students enjoyed it! Thank you, Great tool!” -Eliviva A.

They work!

Just download and teach. Easy.

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