What does Summer Break say about your Personality?

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What does summer break say about a teacher's personality?

Summer Break Personality Quiz for Teachers


Sure, the quiz is for fun, but it is based on the research for five major personality traits. We’ve reworded them as:

  1. the Adventurer
  2. the Energizer
  3. the Achiever
  4. the Compassionate Friend
  5. the Calmer

We each share aspects from each trait, but summer time (and spring break!) really reveals are most inner self…at least for teachers.

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Summer break is the time we can choose those activities that relate to our personality the most, so it makes sense that our summer break reveals the most about our personality!

I hope you enjoyed the quiz (you might also enjoy this article about Finding Rejuvenation Quickly on Summer Break) and discovered and were affirmed in your own self-awareness! Most teachers are telling us,

I thought I was a different personality type, but this really makes sense. Those are really the things I enjoy doing, but I really don’t/can’t because of my work!

Did you discover new insights? Did you already know this about yourself? Please feel free to share the quiz with your friends.


This personality quiz will reveal your true summer break personality!
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