5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Summer Vacation

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Summer Vacation - TeamTom Education

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So you’re at the end of another school year, and it’s time for summer break!

A school year is like a marathon ran at sprint speed. Well, marathons are supposed to be slowly jogged. Not sprinted. That’ll kill you.

That’s why we have a summer break. Your mind and body are exhausted!

So we gathered some simple ideas to help you rejuvenate and refresh yourself quickly during summer vacay!

As a matter of fact, you might find one of these ideas to be just the thing you needed to completely unwind as a teacher and have the best summer ever!

Or…you might prefer taking our this Quiz that Tells Your Personality based on Summer Break Activities!

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1. Write a Thank You Note

It sounds a little old school these days, and it doesn’t have anything to do with your summer break.

But that’s why it’s number one. The quickest way to refresh is to show gratitude.

Think about the team you work with or someone in the front office. How has another educator helped you in any way this year?

Buy a small pack of thank you cards and give a few out. Or mail them out over the summer.

You’ll feel great this summer after spreading a little goodwill and gratitude.

Here’s a quick read on how gratitude is the trait that makes great teachers great!

2. Turn Off Email

Turn it off, don’t check it. Give yourself permission to completely disconnect from work!

That’s what summer break is about.

Yes, most districts have policies that require you to check your email in the summer, but you can disconnect for a period of time. Whether two days, the weekend, or a whole week, just do it.

It’s refreshing.

3. Read a Professional Book

WHAT? Yes. Before you stop reading this post…hear me out.

A non-technical book is very refreshing. It can help you refocus on why you became a teacher!

Pick a book that’s more about the big picture. Avoid technical books, unless you just love those. Leave them for book studies and work time. A big picture book focuses on how you fit into the larger picture of schools and students’ lives.

Here are some great professional reads that can give you a fresh perspective for the next year. Have you read these before?

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4. Commit to 10 Days of a New Exercise

Whatever you do or don’t do now, change it for just 10 days.

Explore different exercises and just commit to it for 10 days. If it sticks, then you have a new habit.

If not, no loss. Exercising for 10 days is enough to burn calories, stress, and refreshes your mind and body!

Here are some things to explore:

  • Nature walks.
  • Hikes in parks.
  • Yoga (free courses on YouTube).
  • Circuit routines.
  • Wii Fit or another fitness video game.
  • Count steps and go to the mall…just stay shy of the American Cookie Co (my fave!).
  • Dance…yeah, be bold and join a two-week dance class.
  • Walk…but add ankle weights, then hand weights, then no weights.
  • Go to ten different parks in your area. Do the circuit machines if they are there.
  • Here’s a fun, but strange one. Do everything in speed mode for 10 days. Clean house quickly. Wash the car, quickly. Laugh and have fun with it!
  • Every two days, get a different exercise video from the library. And do it.
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5. Explore a New Hobby

This summer, enjoy the creativity and excitement that kids love. Try a new hobby.

Don’t invest the bank into a new hobby, just commit to 3 sessions of something new. It could be as small as painting a model car or as large as taking a sailing class.

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The key is a small commitment. It’s easy to complete, which gives you the satisfaction of achieving something new.

A new hobby also stimulates your brain in amazing ways! Here are a few ideas:

  • Watercoloring, buy a how-to book
  • Drawing with pens
  • Zen coloring
  • Wood crafting
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kite flying
  • Take a gardening class at the public library
  • Website design for free at Wix or WordPress
  • Chess, do online tutoring
  • Get a cookbook from a different culture and try three meals.
  • Start a Youtube channel and try to make three 5 minute videos. Just Google “free video software”.
  • Try photography and make three albums of 30 photos each on a different topic. Use free editing software like Google photos or PicMonkey.

You’ll be amazed at just how much three sessions in a new hobby can awaken dormant brain cells. The curiosity and learning that’s involved…well that’s the spark we’re looking for as educators!

Whatever it is, just live it this summer. These ideas are your own. Just be alive. Do something new and refreshing and do more than just couch time…but get that TV binge time in too!

You’re an educator, you deserve it! If you found an idea worth sharing, please consider sharing with a teacher you know who deserves summer break!

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