Sorry to say, We’re Out of Ideas

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Teaching Resources and Strategies are still coming!

Here we are at TeamTom Education, about 24 months into our journey and this is it. We are all out of ideas. Can’t create anymore killer teaching resources, teaching tools, and learning strategies.

We’re all out. It’s over.

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It’s like a river that just dried up. Like a rainbow that stopped halfway across the sky.

It’s ended.

And it’s been fun.

I hope you will find great resources somewhere in the universe. And now as I write, I’m checking the time and date to sign off a final farewell…

But wait…

What’s that?

It’s 9:45am on…

April 1st!

That means.

April fools. jk. lol.

We’re not stopping any time soon.

We’re still working hard for you!

Happy April Fool’s Day

Teaching Resources and Strategies are still coming!

By the way, we just published a new teaching strategy resource for you to help boost engagement and shake things up in the classroom.

View the Free Reading Comprehension Strategy Pack by clicking below.

[thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=”]Get the Free Strategy Pack[/thrive_link]

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Published/Updated on April 1, 2018  

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