Keep Calm and Thank a Teacher

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Teacher Appreciation Week Gift from TeamTom Education

 How can we say thank you on Teacher Appreciation Week?


How can we say thank you? One week for teacher appreciation is not enough!

We’d like to add a simple thank you, for all the educators!

You are AWESOME!

Every duty, every high five, each hug, each teachable moment, each lesson, each conversation, each phone call home…they all mean something. They all add value to the lives of others!

For this, and much more, we say thank you!


What can TeamTom Education give you?

How about an invitation to our free monthly resources?

Sign up and start receiving the best resources before they are published. Usable samples that will make an impact!


Hopefully, you can feel appreciated by us!


You Touch More than Test Scores!

You touch lives, hearts, families, and communities. Your impact lives beyond the scope of 10 months. Your lessons provide more than just compliance with standards!

You are a teacher. Your value is immeasurable. Never forget that!

The invitation is small, but it’s a token of appreciation for you. We hate spam. We don’t sell emails. We don’t bombard inboxes. We just want to give back to you!

Take a test drive by joining TeamTom Testers, for free. Tap here to go to our sign up page.


Can Your Value Really Be Measured?

No, not really. And it really is impossible to show your value in just one week of teacher appreciation.


Your impact lives beyond the scope of 10 months. Click To Tweet

Next time you feel that heavy sense of just plain too much to do…and not enough time to do it, remember why you are in that school. Remember why you are in that classroom. Just stay calm and teach. It’s what you do. It’s who you are!

Feel free to share this post with a teacher you know who deserves appreciation…on teacher appreciation week and every week.

 Teacher appreciation week is the perfect time to keep calm and thank a teacher!

You are a teacher. Your value is immeasurable. Never forget that!Click To Tweet

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