Landforms Videos

Earth is made of rocks, soil, air, water, and many, many other things. One fact about Earth is that it is not flat!

There are many landforms and shapes that we call mountains, rivers, lakes, plains, valley, and many more!

What are Landforms?


If you look out your window, you’ll probably notice a bunch of things; houses, streets… hopefully, a tree. But beyond that, you’ll see things like mountains, rivers, volcanoes… well, hopefully not a volcano. These are landforms and they come in different varieties. In this episode, Sabrina chats about how things like mountains, volcanoes, and plateaus come into being.

How Do Landforms Change?

Why do rivers curve? It’s an amazing little discovery that makes a lot of sense. One small force creates one small effect. This builds into a series of effects that create a curved river.

Why do mountains grow upward? It’s a mixture of the Earth’s plates moving upward (uplift) and weathering. Climate, weathering, and erosion all shape the landforms that we call mountains.

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