Distance Learning

The world asked educators to shutdown and totally redesign the way we do school in one week, and you responded in the most professional and innovative ways!

You have enough on your plat, so we’d like to help you in the distance learning process.

If you’re implementing aspects of distance learning, e-learning, or online coursework, you’ll be happy to hear we’re digitizing all of our task cards!

Main Idea Task Cards for Distance Learning

Our first and best-selling task cards are getting distance learning add-ons. If you already own the task cards, these add-ons will allow you to deliver the task card questions and answer choices online and automatically score student work.

How to Use Distance Learning Task Cards:

  1. Distribute Task Cards (PDF format)

    Distribute Main Idea Task Cards 3 (not included) via email, OneNote, Class Dojo, LMS, or Google Classroom.

  2. Share The Online Quiz

    Share the link to the Distance Learning Task Cards. This is online form that collects student responses and automatically grades them.

  3. Gather Student Data

    As students enter their answers on the distance learning task cards, you will see their responses and scores automatically generate – in real time.

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