Free Resources: Guided Math CAMT PowerPoint, How-To Guide, & Task Cards

PowerPoint on Guided Math from CAMT 2017 by Nancy Foster
Thank you for attending the CAMT session! These are the free resources I want to give you:
  • CAMT PowerPoint: Want to have it for now and later? I'll email it to you TODAY, right now.
  • How-To Guide: Discover 20 of my guided math strategies that will transform student learning!
  • Free Task Cards: I will share a sample of my task cards & scavenger hunts with you each month through a free membership called TeamTom Testers.

Due to many requests from awesome teachers, we are keeping the sign up available!

5 Free Resources

Plus, the free how-to guide, 20 Strategies for Guided Math

Nancy Foster8th-Grade Math Teacher

Your students are going to love working with you in guided math. My students tell me everyday, "Can we do small group!" I wish you the best and would love to hear how guided math works in your classroom! Talk to you soon.

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