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During 2017 and 2018, we gave away free math and reading teaching resource samples to our TeamTom Testers. Now, we're making them available to you as a TeamTom Teacher, for free!

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July 2018

Escape Rooms!

Literacy meets technology. Challenging text. Questions focused on text evidence, making inferences, and text structures. Clues, code hacking, and passwords. Videos. Did we say fun and engaging!

Escape rooms are coming in August.


Open-Ended Volume Task Cards

Students will use formulas for the volumes of cylinders, cones, and spheres to solve real-world and mathematical problems. Four questions from the complete set of sixteen. All questions are open-ended. Part of the Volume bundle set of Task Cards, Scavenger Hunt, and Sum Fun Game!

Volume Task Cards

June 2018

STAAR Math Daily Warm-Ups (Grade 6)

This is the second set of daily warm-ups for 6th grade math, and it’s focused on rational number operations, proportional reasoning, integer operations, and equations/inequalities. The Testers sample includes 2 days from the full month of warm-ups. 

Click to download: STAAR Math Warm-Ups (Grade 6)

Main Idea Task Cards #2 (Grades 6-8)

Middle school reading task cards are new for the summer of 2018! These main idea task cards focus on informational texts at challenging Lexiles. The Testers sample includes 2 of the 10 total task cards.

Click to download: Main Ideas 2 Grades 6-8

May 2018

Order of Operations Task Cards (Grade 5)

This sample set includes 4 task cards that are included in the full set of 16 task cards. These order of operations task cards focus on using parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and uses these symbols to evaluate expressions. Standards include Common Core 5.OA.A.1 and TEK 5.4F.  

Click to download: Order of Operations Task Cards

Fluency Warm-Up Videos

These fluency building videos are currently being piloted by 43 teachers at Try these to out to build fluency with meaning. They are at 100wpm perfect for upper 3rd and 4th-grades.


April 2018

Pythagorean Theorem (Grade 8)

Students will engage in open-ended problem-solving using the Pythagorean theorem in a task card format – perfect for warm-ups, small group, or paired practice! This sample includes 4 of the full 16 cards.

Click to download: Pythagorean Theorem Task Cards

Main Idea Task Cards #5 (Grades 3-5)

These biography task cards are being published this month with Lexiles for upper elementary and intervention in 6th grade. They include Mrs. Baird, Bill Gates, and Hector P. Garcia. The sample set includes open-ended questions, whereas the full set on TPT has multiple-choice questions.

Click to download: Main Idea Task Cards 5 (Biographies)

March 2018

Math Warm-Ups (Grade 3)

Writing equations, writing number sentences, vocabulary, and expanded notation in 2 days from our month of math warm-ups. The full-month set is multiple choice. This sample is open-ended.

Click to download: 3rd Grade Math Warm-Ups

Reading Warm-Ups (Grade 3)

This is the fourth month of 3rd-grade reading warm-ups! This 2-day sample includes multiple-choice questions for literary text.

Click to download: 3rd Grade Reading Warm-Ups


Here's the New Reading Comprehension Strategy Pack

February 2018

Math Sum Fun (Grade 8)

 Sum Fun is an engaging self-checking activity to help students with any skill! This sample is focused on volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres. This sample includes 8 of the full 32 cards.

Click to download: 8 Sum Fun Cards

Reading Week of STAAR Prep (Grade 3)

This is the first of many STAAR prep weeks that focus on a genre and provide detailed daily lesson plans with engaging activities that start with a pre-test on Monday and end with a post-test on Friday to measure growth. This sample includes the Week At A Glance and a sample of the task cards from Tuesday’s guided practice.

Click to download: 3rd Grade STAAR Prep 

January 2018

Math Warm-Ups (Grade 7)

 Our focus in this second set of warm-ups includes probability, rational number operations, proportional reasoning, linear relationships, and equations. Each day of the week there are three questions over one of the topics, and the skills repeat for four weeks so that the students are constantly re-exposed to the skill.

Click to download: 7th Grade Math Warm-Ups

Reading Warm-Ups (Grade 6)

This is our 3rd month of 6th grade reading STAAR warm-ups and features smaller text for more complex reading across literary, informational, and poetic texts.

Click to download: 6th Grade Reading Warm-Ups



STAAR Math Daily Warm-Ups (3rd Grade)

Boost mastery with daily spirals of the priority standards for 3rd-grade math! This sample includes 4 days from the full-month product. This sample is in a full-page format. The full product also includes easy-to-print half pages.

Click to download: STAAR Math Warm-Ups Sample (3rd Grade) 

Making Inferences #7 (Grades 3-5)

In our 7th making inferences task cards, we focus on using text evidence to support inferences from fictional narratives and poetry. The focus is character analysis.

Click to download: Making Inferences #7 Sample Set



Protractor Angle Measurements (Grades 4-5)

Sum Fun! is an engaging and quick-checking activity. In this Sum Fun! sample set, you will have 8 of the full 32 cards. Students will measure an angle in whole-number degrees using a protractor.

Click to download: Protractor Angle Measurements

Making Inferences Task Cards #6 (Grades 3-5)

Our newest making inferences task cards are focused on informational texts. This sample set includes 4 of the 12-card set. Students will read a brief text and use text evidence to make inferences. Aligned to STAAR and CCSS.

Click to download: Making Inferences Task Cards


Free Word Study Warm-Ups & Reading Comprehension


STAAR Math Daily Warm-Ups (5th Grade)

Daily warm-ups provide quick spiral review of the priority math standards in 5th grade. This TeamTom Tester sample includes the first week, Monday-Thursday.

Click to download: STAAR Math Warm-Ups Sample (5th Grade) 

STAAR Reading Warm-Ups (5th-6th Grade)

Spiral review is not only for math! The STAAR Reading warm-ups include a month of warm-ups covering texts and priority TEKS aligned with STAAR 2017. The TeamTom Testers sample has 4 days of warm-ups.

Click to download: Reading Daily Warm-Ups 


If you enjoy the free resources, you can shop the full products in our TPT store.


Solving Equations Scavenger Hunt (7th-8th Grade Algebra)

Engage students in a physically active scavenger hunt as they solve equations with variables on both sides. It’s a fun way for students to solve problems with models and variables.

Click to download: Algebra Scavenger Hunt

Social Studies Reading Passages (Clara Barton)

She was a hero in women’s history – Clara Barton. From her childhood to the Civil War, to founding the American Red Cross, students will enjoy this high-interest text. This new series highlights historical heroes and provides literacy skills practice.

Click to download: Clara Barton Literacy Skills



STAAR Math Daily Warm-Ups (Grade 6)

Your sample has four days of our newest daily warm-ups. They cover the most essential readiness standards. They’re specifically designed for TEKS, but you’ll discover the CCSS alignment is spot-on also.

Click to download: STAAR Math 6 Daily Warm-Ups


Reading Comprehension Task Cards for Grades 3-5

We’re expanding our sequencing task cards with this second set. It’s all about Helen Keller – the amazing human hero! Students will explore a Lexile 700-800 biography and answer both open-ended and multiple choice questions.

Tap or click to download: Sequencing Task Cards 2


Compare and Order Fractions Scavenger Hunt (Grade 4)

This scavenger hunt focuses on comparing fractions with different numerators and denominators.

Your sample has four task cards in a scavenger hunt format, but they can also be used for a quick warm up, small group instruction, exit ticket, or station practice.  The skills align to 4th-grade TEKS and CCSS, and they also work for 5th and 6th-grade review or reteaching.

Click to download: Comparing Fractions Scavenger Hunt


Drawing Conclusions Task Cards: Hellen Keller (Grades 5-7)

These task cards are perfect for 5th or 6th grade classrooms and great for 7th grade remediation. They are aligned to TEKS and CCSS reading standards. The text is written at level DRA60 (1000L) the sample task cards include:

  1. 4 Task Cards
  2. 8 Total Questions
  3. Answer Key

Tap or click to download: Drawing-Conclusions-Task Cards-9-Jackie-Robinson


STAAR Math Daily Warm-Ups (Grade 8)

This sample includes another day from our amazing monthly warm-up set that will be ready for next school year…STAAR daily warm-ups. Students will order integers and irrational numbers.

Click here to download: 2017June-STAAR Math Warm Ups Grade 8 Set 1


Summarizing Video Bundle (Grades 2-5)

This video bundle lesson provides 4-5 days of instruction materials. This is the lesson sequence starting with engagement all the way to independent practice:

  1. Cartoon: The Dark Forest
  2. 3-2-1 Bridge (Guided Notes Before Mini-Lesson)
  3. Mini-Lesson Video with Guided Notes
  4. Guided Practice Pages
  5. Summarizing Task Cards #1
  6. Summarizing Task Cards #2
  7. Summarizing Task Cards #3

The TeamTom Testers Sample includes Summarizing Video Bundle. Tap or click here to download.



STAAR Math Daily Warm-Ups (Grade 8)

This sample includes one week from our amazing new monthly warm-up set that will be ready for next school year…STAAR daily warm-ups. They are quick spiral reviews focused on readiness TEKS.

Click here to download: STAAR Math Warm Ups Grade 8 SAMPLE


The Hat: Poetry Analysis Video Bundle (Grades 2-5)

This close reading lesson focuses on a narrative poem. It includes a video for schema development, a teacher lesson plan, poem analysis page, and a close reading page.

The full HD video is on our YouTube channel: TeamTom TV

Click here to download the lesson packet: The Hat: Poetry Analysis Lesson


Reading Teachers!

Do you believe spiral review helps students? Do you find it difficult to integrate word study consistently into your daily schedule?

Try our free Word Study Warm-Ups today!

You might find it much easier with our no prep, no cost Word Study Spiral Warm-Ups.

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Area and Perimeter of Rectangles Task Cards (Grades 4-6)

These task cards are perfect for small group to teach and reteach perimeter and area of rectangles. Focused on a specific measurement skill, but it works on multi-step problem-solving. Click here to download: Measurement Task Card SAMPLE  

Cause and Effect Video Bundle (Grades 3-5)

Videos are new to TeamTom Education! We will be publishing video series this summer, but here’s a sneak peek! It includes a video activity and sample task cards!
The full Cause and Effect Video is on our YouTube channel: TeamTom TV


These tester samples include a portion of the complete product, which will be published to TPT in April 2017.  

Integer Task Cards (Grades 5-7)


Cause and Effect Task Cards (Grades 3-5)


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