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What is a Teaching Strategy?

Teaching strategies are the methods used to help students learn. They are intentional methods used by skilled teachers to focus learning toward a planned standard or course goal. Teaching strategies are effective when they focus on active learning, reflection, and emotional engagement. 

Teaching strategies improve as teachers measure the impact of the strategy and generate feedback loops to and from learners.

What are High-Yield Teaching Strategies?

High-Yield Teaching strategies are those strategies where high levels of learning occur for most, if not all students. They also include interventions and remediation. A few high-yield teaching strategies, based on visible learning research, are:

  • Creating strong relationships of mutual respect with students
  • Being clear on the learning goals for students
  • Teachers showing passion about helping their students learn
  • Monitor the impact of instruction in terms of how much learning it produces
  • Frequently adjusting instruction based on learning results
  • Taking intentional measure to actively improve and refine teaching strategies

Visible Learning Strategies

Visible learning is a highly effective instructional strategy that requires teachers to see learning through the eyes of their students.  So how does it work? What does that mean?

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Develop growth mindset in your students with these activities and questions.

Growth Mindset

It's sort of a buzz-word these days, but that doesn't negate its impact!

The research is solid.

The effects are real for students.

How do you integrate mindset strategies into your daily lessons and routines. It may just be the biggest strategy there is.

A growth mindset helps students:

  • develop grit and determination
  • find solutions to problems
  • set goals and focus on them
  • view effort and mistakes as necessary.

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