A Team for Teachers’ Passion

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Teaching is one of the most demanding jobs with some of the richest rewards! We enter the profession for so many unique reasons…love learning, love reading, love teaching, love people, love helping others, and so on. Whatever the reason, we enter because we love something vitally related to education.

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Love and passion. Those are the fuels that drive us. We are teachers because we are passionate people. That passion is expressed through creativity, imagination, persistence, service, and learning. That passion inspires students. It inspires fellow educators.

Having a strong passion can be exhausting. That’s why teacher well-being and emotional health is so important! Passion for the teaching craft pushes our spirits and minds beyond the limits of our bodies.

A team is so critical for allowing your passion to flourish through your career. Consider adding us to your team!Click To Tweet

You know balance and personal time is important. It is important to ensure our energy keeps up with our passion! There’s something else that is just as important as maintaining a healthy balance in life – community.

Having a team who can support you and share in your passion for teaching is critical! We don’t have to do it alone. Whether it’s the team at your school, friends from college, a professional learning network online, or expressing yourself on a blog – you can have a team.

A team is so critical for allowing your passion to flourish throughout your career.

Consider adding us to your team – our teaching resources, the community on Facebook, pins on Pinterest, and other the free membership TeamTom Teachers.

We can be on your team. Together, we can keep our passion for education at the forefront!


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