Making Inferences (Task Card Bundle 1)

STAAR Reading Making Inferences Task Cards

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This inferencing task card bundle includes three sets of making inferences task cards. They offer over a week of practice opportunities including author’s purpose, realistic fiction, expository, poetry, persuasive text. Inferencing skills include making predictions, conclusions, and character analysis.

Slay the STAAR with Making Inferences Task Card Bundle Set 1

What’s In Making Inferences Task Card Bundle?

There are three task cards sets for a total of 66 inferencing questions focusing on literary texts. The question stems align with state tests including STAAR & CCSS and include inferencing questions:

  • Based on the details, how does [character] feel?
  • The can reader can infer-
  • The sentence [quote from text], supports the inference that –
  • The reader can predict –
  • The reader can conclude –

Making Inferences Task Cards 1

These task cards align to CCSS and STAAR Readiness Standards. They focus on using text evidence to make inferences and make a great STAAR Reading Resource.

Making Inferences Task Cards #2

This task card set focuses on inferring author’s purpose across informational texts, poetry, advertisements, and fiction. There are 24 questions on 12 task cards (all questions stems are aligned for STAAR Reading Resource).

They combine open-ended questions with multiple-choice. The open-ended questions scaffold student thinking by getting them to focus on details in the text that connect to make an inference!

Making Inferences Task Cards #3

These cards focus on inferring the setting using text evidence in various types of fiction. There are 18 questions on 12 task cards.

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