Escape Rooms for Whole Group

You will probably want to use a whole-group lesson format for the escape rooms if you’re limited on technology or if you want to scaffold the whole-class through the process. Let’s look at how to use the escape rooms for the whole group.

Steps for Whole-Class Escape Room Success

  1. Each student gets a copy of the text and the answer page.
  2. Read the text as a shared reading, peer reading, or independent reading.
  3. Project the escape room from the link above. It includes the videos, passwords, and text-dependent questions.
  4. Watch the videos as a class.
  5. Students answer questions.
  6. Volunteer or randomly select students to tell the answers and you submit online.
    1. If the answers are correct, great! Use the code hacker to move on.
    2. If the passcode is incorrect, you can have the student retry or call another student or volunteer.
    3. After submitting the answers, the question forms give students feedback and support if the answer is incorrect.
  7. Continue until the class successfully escapes!

Will You Use Escape Rooms as a Whole-Class?

You can use them in stations, in pairs, or individually, but will you use the escape room in a whole group format?

Here are some benefits of whole-class vs. individual:

  • Easier to see when students are frustrated or confused.
  • Quicker to give feedback to all students at the same time.
  • Maintains an even pacing for the 1-2 hours.

How Will You Use the Escape Rooms?

We are interested in knowing your thoughts. How will you use the escape rooms? What ideas or tips do you have?

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Published/Updated on August 3, 2018  

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