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May 21

Summer Opportunities (2018)

By TeamTom Education | News

TeamTom Education, LLC. Openings

We’re calling talent into the team for the summer of 2018! This position will be part-time (contracted projects) through the summer, is self-paced, and the pay is based on the number of projects completed. This summer we’re working on two product lines: 1) Increase the text complexity & questioning of our task cards to support […]

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May 13

Crisscross Applesauce and Shut the H*** Up (Book Review)

By TeamTom Education | Teaching

Teacher Book for Summer: CrissCross Applesauce and Shut the Hell Up by Colleen Schmit

Standardized testing, ridiculous demands on your schedule, poor decisions and mandates that are out of touch with the needs of kids, and an often thankless industry – it’s easy to understand why Colleen Schmit has crafted such a title, Crisscross Applesauce and Shut the Hell Up: 10 Reflective Lessons for New and Seasoned Teachers. If you’re […]

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Mar 27

Common Formative Assessment (Best Practices and Benefits)

By TeamTom Education | Strategies

Free Teaching Resources

Smart assessment practices don’t always match with mandated testing practices. Many have written on the dangers of standardized testing, but what about the incredible promises of common formative assessment? Do you give common assessments? How about formative assessments? How are those practices different from common formative assessments, and does it even really matter? Yes and […]

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Mar 20

Why Are Teachers Important? They are Heroes

By TeamTom Education | Teaching

Teachers are more than important, they are heroes!

Teachers are heroes and have an impact further than any score can measure. They are trusted sources of advice, guides along the way, and models for student self-image. Teachers are counselors for students weighing important life decisions and lighthouses that provide stability when storms are rough. Educators can help their youngsters move toward higher education, […]

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Feb 10

Tomie dePaola Task Cards: Making Inferences 8

By TeamTom Education | Products

In our 8th set of making inferences task cards, students read the biography of famous children’s author Tomie dePaola. The task cards focus on using text evidence to make inferences about author’s purpose and sensory language.  Who are they for?These inferencing task cards are for grades 3-5 with challenging texts at levels 950-1050 (ATOS 7.0). Is there […]

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Feb 07

Making Inferences (Task Card Bundle 2)

By TeamTom Education | Resources

Slay the STAAR test with Inferencing Task Cards from TeamTom

Making Inferences Our second bundle of inferencing task cards includes three more sets that give you about a week of reading practice. The first making inferences task card bundle included author’s purpose, realistic fiction, expository, poetry, persuasive text. This second task card bundle includes: Making Predictions in Fiction & Nonfiction Character Analysis Inferences Informational Text (Expository, […]

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