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These are wonderful. I love that they are tailored to the STAAR and TEKS needs. I am using these to make sure that the kids are able to transfer the skills that we are learning to a test format. Great buy. 
- Maisha T., January 13, 2018

How Can We Help?

In the classroom we help by providing teaching resources and strategies. Outside of the classroom offer a range of educational services for schools, educational businesses, and adult learning.

Teaching Resources

You are so many things in the classroom. Mentor, role model, motivator, curriculum designer, lesson planner, instructional guide, etc... We want to simplify your many roles by "inventing the wheel", so you don't have to reinvent it. Discover engaging and challenging teaching resources:

  • Elementary Reading Task Cards
  • Middle School Reading Task Cards
  • Social Studies & Science Texts, Videos, and Slides
  • Elementary Math Task Cards
  • Middle School Math Task Cards
  • Video Mini-Lessons
  • Interactive Digital Escape Rooms
  • Spiral Warm-Ups

Teaching Strategies

Teaching doesn't need to be a struggle. Learning can occur easily. We want to help you make learn easy. We provide an array of teaching and learning strategies:

  • Guided Reading Strategies
  • Guided Math Strategies
  • English Learning Stems
  • Visible Learning
  • Gamified Learning
  • Inquiry Instruction
  • Direct Instruction Technology
  • Building Relationships
  • Brain-Based

Who is TeamTom Education?

At TeamTom Education, LLC., our purpose is to make rigor easy. We simplify learning through engaging resources, high-yield strategies, and ongoing research and innovation. TeamTom Education began as the small school leadership blog, TeamTom Waters. The blog was such a success with school leaders that we were able to turn our attention to provide curriculum and instructional resources to classrooms in Texas, then the United States, and now in Australia and Canada! Our blog at teamtomeducation.com also grew with surprising success and reached many teachers across the US and into Australia. This allowed us to build a team of teacher-authors who create amazing resources for you and your students! You, the educator, are at the heart of everything we do. If you are successful, then that means students are gaining access to quality and meaningful educational experiences. Thank you for visiting us here on TeamTomEducation.com! If you're a first-time visitor, we encourage you to browse the topics on our blog and register to become a TeamTom Teacher.


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I love using these in small groups! With the short passages, we don't spend a long time reading and can really talk about the text! 

- Rani A., January 27, 2018

Online Learning Resources

Escape Rooms from TeamTom Education

The new escape rooms are an immersive mix-media experience involving reading, problem-solving, video, and text. Students and teachers are loving them!

Find out why over 7000 students are in love with the online escape rooms!

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Educational Services Offered by TeamTom Education

We specialize in teaching resources and in school improvement. Our services range from curriculum materials to teacher support to school leadership mentoring.

Our Brands and Support Services

TeamTom is our Teachers Pay Teachers store with resources for grades 2-8.

Spiral WarmUps provides spiral review for basic reading skills in grades 2-6.

Principal Tribe is the network for school leaders to connect and create.

822 is the place for growth-minded educators to connect on a weekly basis.

TeamTom Education Daily provides the latest education news and best practices.

Mafost Mashup is the podcast for innovative school leadership ideas and strategies.

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Our friends over at SpiralWarmUps.com have prepared this amazing guided reading documentation tool that we believe all reading teachers should check out!

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