Test Question Slap Down that is Simple, Quick, and it Works!

Test Review Game: Test Question Slap Down

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  Ever get tired of doing test prep worksheets? Endless test review seatwork that feels like a drudgery? The tests are sucking the energy out of the classroom! You know the students hate it too. They dread traditional test review! But you know students need to… practice  the same thinking required on a test develop analytical […]

How can you teach context clues, so that is easy for students to master and use!

How to Teach Context Clues

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Simple Ways to Learn Context Clues You know that decoding word sounds is one of the major obstacles to reading fluency. You also know that there is another major obstacle…using context clues to decoding word meanings. Vocabulary is a killer in reading comprehension. It is also one of the largest factors in creating strong readers. However, […]

4th Grade Math STAAR review task cards that work! And make teaching easy.

NEWS: 4th Grade STAAR Math Review

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  STAAR review is so much easier with the right resources. The right warm-ups, spiral practice, stations, and group work. That’s what these math task cards are! Your students will appreciate the simplicity and support in these new STAAR review resources. You will appreciate how engaged students are and how well-aligned the questions are to STAAR […]

Feel appreciated all year round with these 6 tips for teacher happiness!

Teacher Appreciation is not One Week of the Year

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  For one week out of the year, you’re served donuts, coffee bars, treats, foods, and special tokens of gratitude. Teacher appreciation week is really nice, but do you feel appreciated the rest of the year? Maybe you do… …but… Given the turnover in the profession, it’s likely you experience days or weeks when you […]